Saturday, April 21, 2007


Friday was busy and wonderful. The sun kept trying to make up it's mind whether it would stay in it's bathrobe eating ice cream, or put on its makeup and come out and play. I was waiting to see what the sun would do so that I could follow suit. It finally came out and so did I. It was so nice out that I decided to mow the lawn. Note to self: don't let the grass grow long for the Easter Bunny unless the Easter Bunny will mow it for you later. My grass must have been taking steroids this past week because it was a jungle out there. I had to restart the mower at least 12 times, the blades stuck twice, and it was such a tough job it made me run out of gas before I was half done. So, I put the mower away and left a note on the fridge for the Easter Bunny to refill my little gas tank.

My friend Lizzy came over for a visit. Lizzy is handicapped physically, and a bit mentally, is a great gal, but don't you dare get on her bad side =). She rides a motorized wheel chair that isn't able to get in my house, so we sat outside enjoying the sun. The kids were really well behaved and ran around playing, they made forts and beds outside, foraged for themselves in the food department, and left me free to visit with Lizzy. I read a book to Lizzy called Little Britches. My family loves this book and they have been begging me to read it. We were able to read through chapter 2 before Lizzy had to leave. I'm finding it hard to sink my teeth into Little Britches but I think that it is due to Mars Venus Author Syndrome. MVAS happens to me anytime I try to read a Dickens after finishing an Austin. The writers are writing in almost the same english, same time frame, about related subjects, but try to read one right after the other and you get a foul taste in your mouth. I can only relate this to trying to eat a Snickers bar right after eating a Baby Ruth. They are so similar that the slight differences are very distasteful. So it is for me with Little Britches because I've been reading the Little House On The Prairie series. Little Britches is very close to a Little House kind of story but it is written by a man, and Little House is written by a woman. I must distance myself from the Venus before I can fully appreciate the Mars, I guess.

Little Britches: Father and I Were Ranchers Little House (9 Books, Boxed Set)

Later I picked up Cookie from school, told the kids to let me sit for awhile (Lizzy is fun to have over but it does wear me out) while I watched a movie (part of one at least) and ate my artichoke. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. I LOVE artichokes. I dip them in lemon mayonnaise with garlic salt. I haven't had one for a very long time. Then I remembered one of the reasons why. They take way too long to cook. So, while I wait that excruciatingly long 1/2 hour for it to cook, I start rummaging. Because I'm a good girl and have stopped stocking snackies in order to loose weight, I was having a hard time finding anything to help me wait. Finally, reaching that desperate point, I pull over a chair, climb to my tippy toes, reach waaaaaay past my canning jars, and find my old, hidden, bag of Halloween candy. From this comes my snickers/Baby Ruth experience. Ah, but the artichoke is done after only 10 mini candy bars. Mmmmmmmmmmm I love artichokes.

Daddy is going to be home soon.... HURRY EVERYONE CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. The kids look at me as if to say "We love you Miss Hannigan", and we all start doing our chores. DSSH comes home and I rush to the shower because I have a HOT date tonight. No, silly, not with DSSH, with the girls. GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!!!! I put on my new "not mom" shirt (meaning it wasn't the first cheap t shirt I could grab at WalMart before the kids started screaming), blow dry my hair, try to put some make up on, kiss the poor DSSH, laugh as I leave the kids behind, jump into the car and quickly change the radio from classical to classic rock, and head to the mall.

Note to self: Don't ever ever ever eat artichokes before going out. I just remembered the other reason I haven't eaten one in so long. They give me internal bubbles. Oh the pain! All that gas was NOT happy to be kept inside me for that long. But we had a fun time, chatting, laughing, eating, and playing with J's sweet new baby girl.
B, L, and N were there, and H, if you have a blog you need to send it to me =). After food, we walked around the mall (I haven't walked around the mall with a group of girls in like 14 years) and I actually sat at a makeup stand and had my eyes done. I've never done that before and it was so fun. It started getting late and we all said good bye. I snuck back in the mall to get myself and DSSH some Sees Candy. I bought 3 butterchews for him and 3 cashew roccas for me, and sampled the california brittle. Mmmmmm. L called me on my cell phone (Ok, I'm starting to really like my cell phone now) and asked if I wanted to still hang out some more. I thought, "I should get back home", then I said, "SURE!". We went to Js house and stayed up till 11 playing games and talking.


An Ordinary Mom said...

What a night we had! I loved dinner, chatting, wandering the mall, playing a game and chatting while we were a bit loopy. It's a good thing DH let me sleep in this morning. Thanks for playing!

Cellista said...

This sounds like so much fun!! I can't remember the last time I did something like this. Of course, all my good girlfriends keep moving away. I had to go say good-bye to another one tonight. Sounds like you have a great group there!