Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ice Cream, Ice Cream!

If you read my great lesson plan for last night, I need to be honest and admit that we didn't do it. We had a late dinner (Oh my heaven's I think I make the world's best hamburger!!!!), we knew that Jon would have to fly to Idaho right after work today so we wouldn't see him for awhile, and we just felt that we should have a fun family time together, instead of a lesson. Jon said, "I noticed that you are out of ice cream" and we all know what that means... TIME TO GET MORE ICE CREAM. My family knows that keeping the freezer stocked guarantees a happy mommy =)
I checked the grocery circulars but NO ONE was having an ice cream sale. I may be addicted but I'm just too cheap to pay full price for ANYTHING. I almost said we should forget it when I remembered Ghetto Grocery! O.k. so it isn't really called Ghetto Grocery, it is Grocery Outlet. Have you every been there? It is like the Ross or T.J. Max of food. What ever the regular grocery couldn't sell, Grocery Outlet will sell it for super cheap. My cousin once bought Russian Icing from this place. No, Russian icing is not a new flavor, it is icing from Russia. Personally I think it is scary eating something when you can't read the ingredients. But I have found some good stuff there before, and I was desperate for some ice cream!

Well, we hit the motherload of ice cream there. They had the big fancy Peanut Butter flavor Drumsticks for 50 cents each (we bought 6), they had Haagen-Dazs pints for $1.49 (Jon bought the vanilla fudge brownie for himself), and they had some Dreyer's for $2.79 (I bought the Nestle Toll House Cookie Swirl and the Andes Cool Mint for myself).

I was all set to give pictures of each of these items but because they are all discontinued flavors I could only seem to find the Haagen Dazs flavor to show you. I would have taken my own pics and included the messy, happy faces of my kids eating it, but I'm STILL having digi-cam-computer problems (waaaaawaaaa).

The Drumsticks were super yummy. I loved them from the first bite, with all those little peanuts, down to the last little chocolate filled tip of the cone. They are messy and I always end up with chocolate in my lap after eating one, but they are worth it. Gabe taught everyone how to bite off the bottom of the cone and suck the ice cream through the hole. I love how every new generation thinks they are the first to discover this ancient ice cream eating trick. Sariah and Gabe enjoyed theirs ice cream so much that they had it smeared from the tops of their noses to down underneath their chins. I kept dodging their grubby little paws shrieking "Don't touch me!"

On to the Haagen Dazs Vanilla Fudge Brownie. It is no secret that I'm not a big fan of brownies. I don't care much for chocolate in general so it really has to be worth my while if I'm going to waste my precious ice cream calories on it. I have heard so many people rave about Haagen Dazs but I've never really been blown away by them (or their price tag). I snuck a taste of Jon's, though, and I have to say I was impressed. So impressed, in fact, that I had to have two more samples to see if it could really be that good. The brownies in this stuff literally tasted like I had just made them. They were gooey and buttery with a bit of that top layer brownie crunch to them. And the vanilla tasted like real vanilla in real cream. Yummers! I still think that they sell Haagen Dazs in too small of a package, though. When I buy ice cream I like to know that it will last me for more than an hour. If you want to have a bit of fun computer reading you should check this out (click on one of the flavors). This is fantastic! Ice cream so good that it needs to be paired with a perfect wine??? I just want to know what flavor Cheetos would best compliment my scoops. Too funny!

As for the Dreyers, well, even I can suffer from ice cream flavor overload so you will have to wait for an update on those. I just hope that the Ande's pieces don't taste waxy because they are frozen. I hate cold waxy chocolate in ice cream.


Becky said...

How do you eat so much ice cream and stay so dang skinny. I love you and hate you at the same time. I am really just jealous. I am glad we were able to get together. It was a blast.

Did I mention that I like food? I also have a bit of a shoe fetish. I know, typical. said...

Ice cream is way better than praying! Ha ha! Seriously, that's the kind of thing you'll remember for a long time. I so wish we could see pictures though.