Monday, June 11, 2007

Come On Everybody, It's Family Night!

Tonight for Family Home Evening we are going to play this new game I found at D.I. the other day. It is called Chatter Matters and it looks really fun. I tried to find a site where you could purchase it but I didn't have any luck; it must be discontinued. It is a fun game that helps family members get to know more about each other. In the end you try to win wishes (and these are real prizes). You get to earn things like "Select the menu for a favorite home meal with your family," or "Get out of doing chores for one day," or "Stay up an hour after bedtime," etc...

Now, in order for this to be a fun evening I am going to have to get busy today. DSSH gets home from work rather late and if we are going to have enough time to play a relaxed game I am going to have to have dinner on the table by the time he walks in the door, the chores all done, and I will have to have everything set up and ready to go for the game time. So, I am getting off my duff to clean, fold and put away laundry, prep veggies and meat for dinner tacos, and read the instructions on this game so I know how to play it =).

We will also be munching on veggie sticks and Party Popcorn so I need to get that all ready too.

Party Popcorn
*The reason this is called “party” popcorn is because it’s quick, yummy, you usually have all the ingredients on hand, and it’s really at its best that night. It starts to sugar after 12 hours so it’s not good for gifts or long-term commitments.

2/3 C. unpopped popcorn kernels
1/2 C. light brown sugar
1/2 C. margarine
1/2 tsp salt

Air pop the kernels and remove the ones that won’t pop (this is easy if you transport the newly popped kernels into a bigger bowl with your hands, fingers spread while scooping, all the heavy, unpopped kernels will slip through your fingers)
Melt butter and sugar together and cook till it is well combined and just starts to boil. Then stir into popcorn with the salt until well coated. Bake 10 min at 350, stirring once or twice. Cool before serving.

~ Adults really love having a cup or 2 of toasted pecans or peanuts stirred in, Kids like anything from marshmallows to M&Ms stirred in.

SHS Update: Fresh sheets are on my freshly made bed and I moved for about 5 minutes. Wrote a letter to my Grandpa, now I just need to get it in the mailbox (that is usually the hardest part for me).
I also answered another question today. It is a new hot topic and I suggest you check it out if you have teens.


Culinary Cowgirl said...

I must try that popcorn! I am such a fanatic for the stuff...

Lucy van Pelt said...

Family Home Evening sounds fun and the popcorn sounds YUMMY! Hopefully you don't find too many pieces missing from the DI game. :)

Cellista said...

Sounds like a fun game! And the popcorn!! Too bad I can't eat popcorn right now. Have a great FHE!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Before you read the rest of this comment, make sure your letter to your Grandpa is stamped with 41 cents AND put in the mailbox.

Now, have a fun FHE :) !!

Misty said...

Our family night was another birthday!! Hannah turned 7!! **sniffle, sniffle**

SingForHim said...

Sounds fun!! Ill have to look for this game. Have you ever played Apples to Apples. It is great for families. Thanks for stopping by today.