Thursday, June 14, 2007

Flag Day

I have always looked up to my father. He was a tall man, so I had to look up to him. He was a smart, kind, funny, and responsible man so I wanted to look up to him. On days like today (Flag Day) my thoughts turn to him. My father served in the United States Navy as a nuclear engineer aboard submarines. He was also a dedicated Boy Scout Leader and participated in the program up until he was too sick to carry on. My father loved America. I'll never forget the lessons he gave me about our flag as I watched him or helped him fold it before putting it away. He said that the way we treat and use our flag is a sign and expression of our gratitude for our freedoms. It makes me wonder at the level of gratitude in our country as I look down my street and notice the absence of American flags. I know that many people are grateful, many people have just forgotten that today is flag day (I almost forgot), many people don't feel they need to fly a flag to show gratitude, etc. I just wonder at the differences between the flag filled streets of my childhood and the flag-less streets of today.

Flying Our Flag:
It is proper to display the flag from sunrise to sunset on all days the weather permits. The flag may also be displayed at night if illuminated by a light. But it is even more important to display the flag on national holidays and days of importance.

When lowering the flag, make certain that no part of it touches the ground. It should be received by waiting hands and arms.


Lucy van Pelt said...

I can't hang my flag (that's a very cool flag that was flown over the US Capital on my birthday a few years ago) because it would touch the ground because my eaves are too long. It's tragic! I love my country and showing the flag. I've hung it in my window at times instead.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Lucy, how did you get your flag? What a great story to be able to tell about it.

Becky said...

Anyone who has been to my parents house has seen my Dad's great big flag pole. It is his pride and joy and know he has a light on it so that he can leave the flag up all night. As a kid I remember teenagers coming in the middle of the night and trying to climb it. We would wake up in the morning and the pole would be bent in half. (he solved that problem by making out of some sort of steel). But I love it when we visit and the kids come running to help Grandpa take down or put up the flag.

An Ordinary Mom said...

I miss the flag filled streets, too. We need to bring patriotism back to this country that has given us so much.

Happy Flag Day!