Thursday, June 28, 2007

Gots Ta Earn Me Some Ice Cream

Tuesday's To Do List worked so well for me that I'm going to do it again today. It makes a big difference when I know that others will see how much I get done or don't. I finished the picture frames and I must say they are C. U. T. E. I can't wait for DSSH to get home with my camera so I can finish them and get them up on the wall. I will post a pic when they are finished. If I get today's list done I am going to reward myself with this little baby:

4 people have now told me that I simply have to try Ben & Jerry's "Everything But The...". I haven't tried it because it sounds like over kill with all those things in it, but my mom finally convinced me. She said it this way, "It is like a different ice cream flavor with every bite. You never know what your going to get". Thanks Forest Gump.


aa3 Loads of laundry folded and put away (all the way away)
aClean Family Room Hooey, that made me work up a sweat. While cleaning I found a lost rental movie that I had almost given up on finding.
aPut boys dresser back in their room Now DSSH can stop asking me why their dresser is in the Family Room. I had moved it out last Christmas to give our guests more room for their air mattress in the boys' room and just enver got around to putting it back.
aEat healthy breakfast
aPack healthy lunch Mmmmm. Cream cheese, turkey meat, cranberry mustard, dried cranberries, cashews, sharp cheddar, and some lettuce rolled up in a tortilla with veggie sticks. SO good.
aTake kids to the children's museum
aMake a car appointment for oil change and tire check
aHave kids do math (aCookie, aPablo, and aMonster Man)
aWipe down and sweep master bathroom
Clean laundry room
Pack camping gear
aBuy fruit, veggies, and chicken breasts
aMake a big salad for dinner
aMake healthy dinner (ok, the kids are eating pizza, but i'm eating salad and a veggie sandwich)


LaughterThoughts said...

do you ever do what i do?:)
i put things on my to-do list that i've actually already done just so that i can have the satisfaction of having a couple things on my list already checked off. :)

pointless, i know. but psychologically, it's quite important!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Yes, I do that too. I ate breakfast as I was making the list today, just so I could post it with something already done =)

Cellista said...

Your dresser plans sound like me. I just barely took the Christmas wreath off my front door! It's still in my entryway though, eventually it might make it down to the basement.

Sounds like you've been busy!! I've been lazy this week.

Jen said...

Yep, I put done things on the list too so I can cross them off!

Everything but yummy!

Montserrat said...

The tortilla wrap/roll sounds yummy! Can't wait to see the pics of your pics.