Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jumping For Joy

What, me? Moi?

No, no, no, it couldn't be. Didn't my secretary inform you that I never win anything? Oh, really, you are too kind. Thank you, thank you. I just don't know what to say. I didn't prepare a speech because I honestly didn't think it would be me up here, accepting this lovely winners button. Um... oh gosh.... Okay, first I'd like to thank Scribbit for holding and putting together such a fun and creative contest. I'd like to thank The Lazy Organizer for picking my entry. I'd like to thank my family, without them I wouldn't have had anything to write about. I'd like to thank my wonderful husband for tolerating a very silly and excited wife who was jumping up and down in her bathrobe shouting, "I won, I won! The Pooping wooden Moose is mine. I won."

Seriously, I feel like the father from A Christmas Story when he wins the leg lamp. It's a pooping moose, for silly sake, but I won it and THAT is what matters right now. So, "Not a finger!"


Lucy van Pelt said...

The Pooping Moose rocks and so do you! Congratulations on winning the Write-Away contest.

An Ordinary Mom said...

I am overly thrilled and excited for you! Hooray!

subarctic mama said...

Congratulations! Jelly beans, chocolate covered raisins, and m & m's are great in the pooping moose.

DS Writer said...

You deserved it for a entry that held me until the very end. Thank you..

Isn't it great to earn something and be recognized also for your own special tradition that is so dear and near to you (us)?


Cellista said...

Congrats!! That was an awesome post about your traditions. Sadly, my family is so small, we can't have get-togethers like that. Yours sound wonderful though.