Friday, June 22, 2007


I have been lost, lost and wandering these past few weeks. My butt hurts and my eyes are weary. Today has been spent searching through the jungle of my home in search of survivors. The children have been foraging for themselves and have somehow survived on a wild diet of cereal and Go-Gurts. I keep signaling for rescue, but it has been days now and I'm starting to loose hope. All I can do is try to stay alive and hope my family doesn't give me up for dead before I can get back to them. I have kept a tally. Nine. I've been here through the first nine. Heaven knows how much longer I will have to go through this. I was nearing what I thought was the end, but then the mysterious smiling man in the blue shirt told me it was supposed to last for seven seasons. Seven. Not seven disks, seven seasons. I don't think I can do this anymore. I need to get back to my family, to my children. If anyone tells you that you just HAVE to watch the television series, LOST, even if they are someone you trust, even if it sounds like a good idea because there are no commercials when they are on DVD, under NO circumstances should you try watching this show. Walk away. RUN. Do not start the madness that is LOST.


Jen said...

I've never seen it, but I'll be sure not to start. Thanks.

Cellista said...

You are hilarious!! I was pretty hooked, then I had to miss a few episodes this winter, and I just never got back into it. We're still contemplating watching season 3 on DVD though. We'll have to wait and see if I break down and start watching again.

Cherie said...

I LOVE Lost! The first year I was visiting my parents and they were watching it. It seemed really good but I knew that I couldn't just start watching it without starting at the beginning. So last summer when some friends offered Season One on DVD we took advantage of it. We were instantly hooked. We went out to buy Season Two the day it came out. And signed up for the Dish (we didn't have any cable or anything before that) before Season Three started JUST so we could watch them. I have them all recorded on our DVR, but hopefully will just buy it on DVD when it comes out.

It's a fantastic show!