Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Good Morning Sunshine

I am off and literally running to my co-op class this morning. Until I can get back and blog about some cool homeschooling things I thought I would leave you with this lovely painting by Michael Sanders. This goes with my whole Sunrise theme. I love this painting because of the way he shows sunlight. I would swear that if I were to touch the wall of that building I would feel the warmth of the sun on it. I also love the stark contrast made by the shadow of an unseen banner or hanging sign and the arch of the doorway. It is amazing how instantly dark things become when they are denied the light of the sun.


mom huebert said...

That picture makes me want to sit down against the wall and soak up some sunshine.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Just gazing at this picture warms me up.

Amber said...

The colors and textures ARE beautiful! I think I would keep that around for those cold winter nights.