Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lizzy 101

Awww, man! I missed my momentous 100th post. Oh well, I'll just have to make do with 101 =). So here is the crash course version of Lizzy 101 (or 101 very random things about me).

1. I was homeschooled until 6th grade.
2. I am one of 7 children.
3. My father passed away at age 42 from cancer.
4. I was 16 when he died.
5. I started school in a brand new state just two days after he died.
6. My mother remarried when I was 18.
7. My step sister was a friend of mine when I was little.
8. I am totally ok with all of this.
9. I love ice cream.
10. I love food.
11. I don't like that I love food so much.
12. I LOVE eating out.
13. I don't eat out often but WAY more than my parents ever did.
14. As a kid fish sticks, tater tots, and spaghetti Os were the coolest food on earth.
15. I still like tater tots.
16. I love The Office
17. I love Dilbert
18. I've never worked in an office.
19. I like lizards, bugs, and other gross things.
20. I really wish I had a pet.
21. I grew up with a Golden Lab Retriever named Crystal.
22. Crystal gave birth to puppies twice.
23. I saw one of her puppies after it had been shot by a farmer.
24. The puppy died but Crystal lived with three bullet scars on her hindquarter.
25. I once brought a hamster back to life with a heating pad, a medicine dropper, warm milk and a lot of gentle massaging.
26. I was always mean to my boyfriends.
27. My husband was never a boyfriend.
28. He was smart and went straight from friend to husband.
29. I was married at 19.
30. I wasn't going to get married until 26... I'm glad I grabbed love when I could.
31. I have curly hair.
32. It is actually a mixture of curly, frizzy, and straight so I have to use a lot of mousse to make it all stick together and look curly.
33. I am much shyer now than I was as a teenager.
34. I have always wanted to sing the theme to Love Boat for karaoke but they never have it in their song list.
35. Whew, this is a long list.
36. I have a hard time finishing things that take me more than 5 minutes to do.
37. I love watching old movies and listening to oldies on the radio.
38. People have mistaken me for being older than I am ever since I was 14.
39. I only feel old when I am doing what should.
40. I like doing weird things.
41. It isn't fair that men can pee so easily. Gross, yes, but it is still unfair.
42. I am a cheap skate.
43. You wouldn't want me to draw your name for Christmas.
44. I wish I had the money to buy my husband a black BMW m5 with cinnamon leather interior.
45. My dream car is a full rebuilt/refurbished VW bus with a custom paint job.
46. DON'T drink out of my cup!!!!
47. DO NOT eat out of the ice cream carton. Get a bowl, or a new spoon with every bite.
48. It bothers me when people are unaware of food on their face and then don't wipe it off when you tell them they do.
49. I hate cleaning.
50. I don't mind a messy house.
51. My table is messy right now because the kids just ate lunch and I'd rather keep listing silly things than get up and clean.
52. I will clean it because the milk is out and that is just wrong.
55. Good enough for now.
56. I have a tattoo of a lizard on my foot.
57. I like my tattoo but I don't recommend getting one to anyone else because if they make a mistake (or if you make one) there is NO going back, unless you want to pay TONS of money to fix your own stupid mistake.
58. Are you still reading this???
59. I like math and hope my children will too.
60. I like to read classics and hope my children will too.
61. I really wish Hollywood would start producing movies worth watching again.
62. Cary Grant is a FABULOUS actor if you watch his movies more than one time. His facial expressions are always spot on.
101. I like to cut corners.

And there you have it.


Montserrat said...

I like math too, but so far no luck on my children liking it. Cutting corners never hurts anything!

Cellista said...

Love the list, even if it's a little short! I love #28, we did the same thing. I like math, reading the classics, and watching Cary Grant too.
What a great idea. I'm well over 101 posts, though I could probably come up quite a few random things about me.

An Ordinary Mom said...

As long as we don't drink out of each other's cups we will be good to go :) !!

I am lazy and therefore love cutting corners when possible!

Happy 101st post!

Kim said...

I love the "cut corners" ending. You got a chortle out of me. Hee hee... I love the word chortle. Oh, sorry I'm in a weird mood.

Great list.

(you know if you have any posts in "drafts" it counts toward your # of posts, so you may not have missed #100)

Kim @ TheBitterBall

Lucy van Pelt said...

Happy 101st! It was fun to read your list. I'm with you on not recommending tattoos to anyone even if you have one.

Me and Them said...

You forgot to add: Razor sharp wit.
It's what makes your blog so fun to read!
I would take either one of the vehicles you mentioned in a heart beat. I like math too, and I'd like to share some of my figuring:
cool list = cool person
Keep those posts coming!

Anonymous said...

Great list! It is fun to learn the random things about people online. In person you learn those things along the way.

mom huebert said...

Thanks for the list! I enjoyed learning a little more about you.

I was married at 19 also.

Daydream Believer said...

I love your 101 list! Most people I know don't want tattoos, but they say they admire mine. I tell young people not to get a tattoo till they're at least 30.

Felt food is a great idea!