Friday, October 26, 2007

SMART Habits Saturday

I've been doing a fairly good job with all my habits and am liking the results. I find that our home has been a lot more peaceful and I feel more joy in the things I've accomplished everyday. Now, before you think I've gotten cocky with my big A+ here let me just say that this is not a grade for myself but is the image for this week's new goal. I think one of the trickiest parts about this habit building is picking the new habit. I think I am finally ready to work on this very much needed habit: No computer AT ALL until after we have done our minimum requirements for homeschool. I am excited about this because I know it can only make my day better and will drastically improve our homeschool experience.

Organizing one thing a day. Ok, technically I haven't been doing this. I did organize my armoire, and I did organize our chores routine, but that was about it. I was thinking of using the fact that we have been habitually doing all our chores as a loop hole but I really do need to do this habit the way I intended to. So I will either do it all this week or I will take it off my habit list (and I HATE doing that).
No TV until Friday. I did this one 100%. I didn't watch any TV until today. I have to say that after not watching it I actually felt annoyed having to sit for so long to watch stuff that wasn't all that fabulous. I think I am going to fine tune this habit to say No TV until Friday, and only 1 show on Friday.
Reading to my children every day. I have tried reading to Sweet Terror and it is pretty hit and miss. She just doesn't seem interested. I think it would help if it was routine and in the morning. Hopefully doing homeschool first thing will help this. I also still need to incorporate Cookie into this habit. I am glad to report that the boys and I have faithfully been reading the Illustrated Book of Mormon Stories every night. One night I wasn't there so we make up for it by reading early the next morning. It has been such a lovely experience.

Dinner on the table no later than 10 minutes after DSSH gets home. I did it! Even on the night that I tried to get out of it I still had it on the table (DSSH was late coming home and I had nothing else to do so....).
Walking with the kids to pick Cookie up from school. Ok, some days we took the car because of rain, or running errands, but we were all together. This has been a big improvement over last year and the kids love taking the walk.

Jumping out of bed, making the bed, and shaking my booty. Jumping, and making were great, still having problems with the shaking. In my defense I have started doing morning scripture study, but not during the same time that I usually shake it, so no excuses this next week. I either shake it or I loose the habit.
To learn more about SMART Habit Saturdays head over to The Lazy Organizer and see what everyone else is doing.


Me and Them said...

GREAT JOB! You are my inspiration! See, here I am typing this way past my bed time. But I am inspired and will work harder next week! Btw, I add a link to your site on my post today. We tried some of the fun crafts you suggested for the Winter Bazaar. Thank you! They were so fun!

Family Adventure said...

I am really, really impressed. And it seems to be working for you, too. Keep up the excellent work!

Heidi :)

Rebecca said...

You have some great habits & looks like you are doing well with them. I think I need to set guidelines for computer time as well, it's such a time sucker. Have a great week!

Cocoa said...

Great job! I need to work on not being on the computer during our school time too. It's so tempting because the older girls have to be on the internet to check their assignments etc.

The Lazy Organizer said...

You can be the inspiration for all of us! Good job!

Cellista said...

I need to work on this too. We don't do school in the computer room anymore so that helps. It's still tempting though. I've tried turning it off during the day but invariably I need (and I mean Need) it for something.

I don't watch much tv either, though I'm having issues with the dvd player and dh right now. I need to write about that one of these days.

Marne said...

Great job! You are an inspiration!

Lara said...

Wow! Thanks for the link. I am so disorganized it isn't even funny!

Love the idea of organizing one thing every day. I think that would help me a lot. Also love the no computer till certain things are done. Need to work on that one myself. We already do the no TV till Friday, that includes the kids, and I LOVE it. DH (DSSH?) is really the only one that watches other days and he at least waits till the kids are in bed.

Thanks for the inspiration!

An Ordinary Mom said...

I should probably jump on the bandwagon with you on this new goal ... although reading my email in the morning helps me wake up :) !!

I can't wait to hear how it goes.

Amber said...

Those are some great tips! I especially like the idea of working on one thing each day. Sometimes trying to tackle it all is overwhelming!