Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday Notes

Sorry, no post today. I am going to be sitting here and listening to General Conference today. I love General Conference and all the things I learn and am inspired to do or improve. Even if you aren't a member of my church, I invite you to listen just for a bit. It will help you to understand my beliefs, and you may just hear something uplifting, or of value to yourself. Conference will be going on from 9am-11am (Pacific Time) and the second session goes from 1pm-3pm (Pacific Time).
For Live Audio Streaming in English and MANY other languages click here.
If you want to watch live video click here.
If you want to watch it but it isn't on yet you can watch video sessions from yesterday by clicking on the links given in the lower right corner of the screen on the video site.

General Conference is a big thing for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints because it only happens twice a year and we get to hear from all the prophets and apostles. As you watch, and listen to these men, keep in mind that they don't get paid to do this, any of this. All of these men have jobs of their own to support their families. They have been called to hold these positions in the church and they willingly give their time to it. They didn't go to college to to learn about the gospel, and they write these talks themselves. Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think.


An Ordinary Mom said...

Now if only I could get Little Man to be quiet during conference, life would be better. Thank goodness for TiVo.

Amber said...

I didn't get to watch a stitch of Conference this weekend because my parents don't get it. My hubs recorded it, though, and I can't wait to watch when I get home!

Annie said...

Thank goodness for the internet! We watched as a family Sunday morning, and I was able to listen to the other sessions.