Friday, October 19, 2007

Trying To Stay Smart

Happy Smart Saturday to everyone. This has been a good week but I'm starting to feel myself slipping in several areas. I seem to get so excited about the new habit that I start forgetting past habits, but I managed to crawl through the week with a passing grade in all areas; I am proud of myself for that. One of the things holding me back right now is a certain problem I have. I don't own TiVo, I don't get cable, I don't even have the TV hooked up to the antenna. This is because I am a TV addict and in a bad way. I can sit and stare at a screen for hours, without ever watching anything of value, while my life just wastes away. So, I don't get TV. BUT, sadly my sister alerted me to the fact that you can watch new TV episodes for free online. BIG MISTAKE. I tell myself I will just watch one but then 4 hours pass by and my kids are running around like heathens and my butt hurts. That is why I am doing a two sided habit this week.

No internet TV watching at all except on Fridays. I don't have the time or the desire to waste my life on stupid shows anymore. If I can't stick to this once a week goal then I will cut it out all together or I will somehow force my husband to get rid of our high speed internet so that I can't watch it anymore.

And, since I will have more free time in my day now that I'm not watching TV I will restart an old habit I used to have of organizing/deep cleaning one area of the house every day. I am in desperate need of this wonderful habit and hope I can do it.

The reading is holding steady at a very strong 50%. I have read scripture stories with the boys every night this week and I am loving it. There were two nights when I almost tried to get out of it but reminded myself that it was a habit and did it anyway, and I was so glad I did. It is amazing to me how much they are learning and how special this time is for us. Now I need to work on reading to Sweet Terror and with Cookie as well.

I met this goal and was only late with dinner 2 nights but even then they were on the table in no more than 20 minutes after DSSH got home. I need to be better this next week, and I think the no TV thing will help. As long as I start prepping dinner at 4 I always have it on the table in time (I usually prep it early then attend to other things until right before he comes home. I'm not really cooking from 4 to 7). I must say that the times it is on the table when DSSH comes through the door, I feel so happy with myself and I like that feeling.

We did great on this one. We did take the car to pick up Cookie yesterday but that was because it was raining elephants and water buffaloes out there and I didn't want any sick kids this weekend.

Did this one every day but there wasn't much jump in my Jumping out of bed routine. And I wouldn't call my booty shaking an actual shaking, more like a scratching. If this keeps up I'm going to have to give up making a new habit next week and try to rejuvenate this one instead. That can't happen because I have a long list of habits to get through.
For more SMART Habits check out The Lazy Organizer and join the club. Oops, it looks like Laura's blog isn't working today so you should go to An Ordinary Mom's to post your SHS link and to find other great habits.


Misty said...

This is fantastic. YOU are fantastic!

PS: I would have so totally taken that pizza........

An Ordinary Mom said...

It is the distractions of this day and age that are going to kill us off! Good luck ... and keep to your habit. I need you to blog :) !!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Lara's blog isn't working right today, so come put your post on the Mr. Linky on my site for SHS.

Cocoa said...

When we first got satellite TV I wasted hours watching all the HGTV and Home improvement shows. Now i hardly watch TV at all unless it's to catch the news during lunch hour. My big distraction is the internet and blog hopping.

jenn said...

i am so impressed with your progress on your habits. i am in serious need of some motivation to get off my duff!

so glad you are enjoying the reading time with your kids. getting up early is always difficult for me especially on the mornings it is still dark out when the alarm goes off. i try to set my alarm to a favorite radio station. that sometimes help get me going.

hope you ahve a great week!