Saturday, December 1, 2007

December 1st

This is why I love blogging. If I had written my last two posts in my regular diary they would have just sat there on the page, staring back at me in total silence. I write them on my blog, however, and I have many voices commiserating with me, giving me kind advice, celebrating with me, and making me feel deliciously normal. Thanks to everyone who leaves a kind word!!!

HAPPY DECEMBER 1st: Let the jolly madness begin.
1. Super clean the living room so we can cover it in Christmas stuff.
2. Pull out the BIG box of Christmas decorations.
3. Hammer lots of holes in my walls to hang up lots of red and green things.
4. Start Christmas cards.... NOW! Go go go! Write lovely personal notes in each one till your fingers fall off.
5. Find some nonexistent free space in the home that the kids don't know about to hide all the presents in.
6. Make some silly pic on the computer that somehow involves a tortilla chip (more on that later)
7. STOP buying ANYTHING from fabric or craft stores RIGHT NOW. If I haven't made it by now it will never happen so don't waste the money.
8. Write another Christmas card. Don't forget to apologize for still not having a family photo to send this year.
9. Make and ship cinnamon rolls to Grandpa.
10. Try to find something festive to wear that will make me feel sexy and smokin' hot and that fits my big-enough-to-be-putting-on-lots-of-weight-but-not-big-enough-to-look-pregnant-body.

BUT, before I do anything today, before I allow myself to be sucked in by my own ideas of holiday must-dos, I am going here:

Many people wish for peace on earth at this time of year. I feel so blessed that I know where to find it.


Kitty said...

So glad I'm not the only one who never gets the planned 'family photo' done. I've been good today though - I've written 12 cards!! :-D

An Ordinary Mom said...

"Jolly madness" is right!

What a wonderful way to start it out, though, going to the Temple!

Childlife said...

Whew, what a list! I have a similar one, although nothing on it seems to be getting done...Wishing you luck on yours ; )

Jen said...

My list is getting longer-actually several lists I need to compile into one. And this reminds me I need to get a new calendar, because January is starting to get booked up too, and I have no place to keep track of what is happening when.

Maria said...

I haven't started anything yet! My goals for this week are cards and cookies.

Cellista said...

Glad you found time to go find some peace. And I just hate that looking fat but not pregnant stage too.

Sonja said...

I've been catching up...and I gotta tell you, again, I love reading your posts. This is a jolly good list and I'm sure you will find what you are looking for. :D

Mountain Dweller said...

You're making me worried. I haven't even thought about most of the things on your list yet! Happy preparations!

Family Adventure said...

You are stressing me out, girl! :)