Friday, December 14, 2007


YES!!! WHEW!!! I DID IT!!!

2 pounds of chocolate pretzels
100 caramels (or somewhere around that much)
2 big ziplock bags full of cashew rocca
2 big ziplock bags full of almond rocca
Peppermint bark
Cranberry almond bark

None of it burned, or sugared, and I didn't accidentally use egg nog instead of cream in my caramels this year =). Now, all I have left to do is to mop the kitchen and dining room, clean the master bathroom, keep the kids from getting into the candy, hang up the new towels I bought in the master bathroom (first new towels in 10 years, yipee!), clean and close my computer armoire, hang the rest of the Christmas lights and garlands, set up chairs, make a parking sign, keep the kids clean, use a Mr Clean Magic eraser on EVERYTHING because my hubby invited the landlord and his wife (Thanks a lot, dssh), remember to feed my kids, finish putting away the Mt. Rushmore piles of clean laundry that are still on my couch, scrub the mysterious brown streaks and drips off my front door yet again, vacuum everything again, set up tablecloths and paper goods, make 3 different salsas, my favorite guacamole, and butter black beans, do last minute shopping, take a nap so I will be well rested (yeah right), conduct major plastic surgery on myself so that I will look like I really want to look, try on 30 different outfits and put on too much makeup because I remembered that I can't afford plastic surgery, find something clean for the kids to wear, make sure the bedrooms are presentable, put everything out, and sit and calmly wait for guests to arrive.

Think I can do it all by 6:30? Just you watch me. Hopefully I will remember to take pictures this year...

Have a great weekend everyone!


Jen said...

Don't forget to stop by my house with a plate of goodies...

Family Adventure said...

What Jen said... LOL!

and have fun! You deserve it after all this work!!

Heidi :)

Misty said...

My house, too! Or mail..........

Have a great time, and GOOD LUCK, girl. You can pull it off!

Anonymous said...

waaaahhhhhh! Did you HAVE to mention your scruptious black beans and homemade salsa?? That is SO unfair to those of us who know how good they taste but can't be at your party to eat them!

Sonja said...

You. GO. Girl! Have fun! :D

Jen38 said...

No scorching the Christmas candy, hooray! That is always something to be very proud of.

Hope your get together went great! Sounds wonderful.