Thursday, January 31, 2008

In Utero Nicknames

Ok, for two days now I have been trying to get out a post on the topic of names and naming practices in various cultures. Why? Because I thought it would be a smart way to tell everyone what we have nicknamed this baby. Why isn't it posted? Because of this baby. My brain cells seem shot at the moment and so this is all you're getting today.

I love giving my babies names while they are still in the womb. Not their actual name, because I have serious issues regarding the naming of children and therefore cannot name them until I can see them. But I can't go a whole nine months calling this bump in my belly an it, him, her, or just baby. So today I am happy to announce that baby #5 has finally recieved his/her official in-utero nickname: That Kid

Now when DSSH asks where the leftover lemon cream cake went I can say, "That Kid!"
When my brain is too frazzled to write a coherent blog post I can blame That Kid.
When Cookie asks why I was late getting her from school I can tell her that That Kid was making me take too long to get my shoes on.
When I walk all the way downstairs, back up and then down again and can't remember which way I was going, or why, I can shout, "THAT KID!"

And trust me, with the way things are going around here, I really need to blame it all on someone. Thanks, That Kid, for always taking the bullet for your old mom. =)

Past kid in-utero nicknames?
Cookie= Cookie Her's stuck big time and will probably be there for life.
Pablo= I can't remember his (isn't that awful) but it probably wasn't a good one considering the fact that I thought he was a girl up to the point that everyone in the room was screaming that he was a boy.
Monster Man= Mr. Man He was the first one that we found out the sex before birth.
Sweet Terror= Twinky I ate two boxes of twinkies while pregnant with her and my husband was convinced that was what was making the bump in my belly. Never mind the 573 family size bags of cheetos I ate too. DSSH just didn't want to call a girl baby Chester.

For more nickname fun, go find the old TV episodes of The Lawrenceville Stories .

Do you name your baby bump? What are some of your favorite nicknames?


Family Adventure said...

Do you know/are you going to find out the sex of THAT KID?? The name sounds boyish to me ... is that just me, or are you thinking/knowing boy?

I knew both of mine were boys before they were born, and we actually did give them names before birth. It was hard enough finding a name that worked both in North America (where all names are shortened, it seems), and in Scandinavia. We couldn't wait to find out if the names actually suited the boys :) :) :)


Cocoa said...

We never named our 'bumps' it was just 'the baby'.

Sea Star said...

We had names too for the baby while still in utero.

Soph was "Pea pod"
Ian was "little bean"
Henry was "Henry" . We didn't know we were going to keep it. Sophie said that was the baby's name and we went with it then when he came we just couldn't think of anything else we liked better. I guess we had called him that so long it just stuck.

Lisa said...

No nicknames for us. We knew their names well in advance and we just used the real ones.

Anonymous said...

I like to wait until I see them to name them, too.

We called our oldest Thermy. I don't think we really had a nickname for our girl or this one either. It's kind of sad, now that I think of it.

Lisa said...

Our first we knew was a girl and we had a name right away. Our second--it took a while to come up with a name, but I can't remember calling it anything. Cute, though.

Anonymous said...

Cute! I have no children, but I've heard bumps being called: Baby Bug, Peanut, Bundt, and Bean.

Happy face said...

We always found out the gender of our babies, or in the case of our oldest boys, that they were twins! Once we decided on their names, we called them by either Baby or their chosen given name. My daughter retained the nickname "Baby" until she was about 3 or 4.

just jamie said...

Baby #5? Holy Moly! That's incredible. Congratulations (jealous here).

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

Mine was Little in Seuss' Horton Hears a Who

An Ordinary Mom said...

Even though we had names we liked for our kids, we had to wait and meet them first to see if it truly fit.

Becks said...

I guffawed at the image of pregnant mommy standing in a confused daze on the stairs wondering which direction she meant to go. So funny!

You've probably received tons of these, but I tagged you over at my blog. If you don't do memes, that's fine. But if you are inclined to participate, please consider this your invitation.


Anonymous said...

Random, but I just remembered that we called this baby "Pineapple" for a while. We were keeping in a secret but needed to be able to talk about the pregnancy with our other kids around!