Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Look what we had for dinner last night...

Taco Soup
*This is an all time favorite of mine; it’s easy, quick, good enough to serve to guests, and most of the ingredients can be kept in your food storage. It’s also great to make a double batch because it freezes well.

I lb Ground Beef, browned and drained
(for vegetarian style I substitute a can of black
beans, drained and rinsed)
1 medium yellow onion, chopped and sautéed
1 pkg. Mild taco seasoning mix
(you’ll just have to try ‘em all and decide which
one you like best. The Taco Bell brand is a
good one to start with because its very mild
and the best for small children).

1 16 oz. Can whole kernel corn undrained
1 16oz. Can kidney beans, drained and rinsed
1 28 oz. Can stewed tomatoes (I break the tomatoes up a bit)
1 8 oz. Can tomato sauce
Salt and pepper to taste. Simmer all together in large pot for 30 min, stirring occasionally.

Now you have a healthy, fairly low calorie, rib stickin' soup that will please the whole family*. BUT, if you are like me and decided not to make any "eat healthier" or "loose 15 pounds" kind of resolutions then feel free to take this soup from rib-stickin' to RIB-ROCKIN'. To do this you now cover all that warm goodness with a big dollop of cool sour cream, shredded cheese, and Fritos brand corn chips. Mmmmmmmm

When a recipe says "will please the whole family" I always laugh and think, "They don't know my family." Here are the reviews from my family:

DSSH: Mmmm, I love your taco soup. We get seconds, right?

Cookie: I'll take 2 scoops. I love your taco soup, mom.

Pablo: Pass the chips. What do I have to eat out of the soup? Do I have to eat ALL the corn?

Monster Man: I want two scoops too!!! later... I can't eat the corn, it has red stuff on it.

Sweet Terror: I can't eat this STUFF. *dropping spoonfuls back into her bowl* Ewwww, dat's disgusting!
If they would just put a spoonful in their mouth before working themselves into a full gag reflex I know they would love it too.... ah well, that is why Heavenly Father invented PB&Js.


Sea Star said...

I make this soup too. I really like it but I think I am the only one. My husband tollerates it because he has to but he didn't grow up eating mexican food anything. My kids complain about just about everything I make so this isn't any different. They do eat a bit of the meat and a few beens. The comment about the corn and how they can't eat it because it has red stuff on it. That could have come right out of Sophie's mouth. She won't eat anything if it has sauce on it.

Yummy soup though! I cook for myself most days.

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

Sounds good...but then again, anything you can eat with Fritos is good :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds good! and yeah, I don't think there's any one dish that would please my entire family either.

Cocoa said...

Now this is a dish that our WHOLE family of NINE (even the 14 month old) LOVES! Course I'm half Mexican so starting them young on spices probably helps. This is also a dish that is so easy to make my 7 year old does it by herself. YUMMY!!!!!

I could live off of soup all winter long. We had potato soup today, chicken noodle soup on Saturday. Now I'm craving Taco Soup.

Misty said...

And thank goodness HE did.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE taco soup! It is so hearty and filling! With all the snow we're getting, I think I may make it tonight, since I have all the stuff!

Lisa said...

My family loves this soup! Keep asking them to try it...it takes multiple times, but they will come around. :)

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I agree. It wasn't too many years ago that Cookie would pretend to throw up when I had this on the table. Pablo is coming around,every so sloooowly. =)

Anonymous said...

I know! My kids skim the cheese off the top with their chips and then they're done. They REFUSE to eat beans. I was thinking of pureeing the beans and tomatoes so as to leave the soup chunk-free . . . do you think that might work?

Mo Mommy said...

Taco soup is like a pcific northwest institution, everyone has some version of it in their favorite recipes stash here. We use two cans of corn(for the kids)a can of stewed and a can of diced tomatoes, no sauce and no onions. We also don't drain anything. I always cook this a couple hours in advance so it can simmer or crockpot it since it tastes so good if the flavors have a chance to "marry" as my mother in law would say. Glad to get the black bean idea though, since I usually just omit the ground beef when we're broke!
Found you through mythbuster beauty and loved you instantly. I heart dairy too!

Maria said...

That sounds great to me. I love taco's, with hot sauce!

Jen Hill said...

Oh yeah, that is a great recipe!

Guess what the Hill family will be eating for dinner tomorrow?

Misty said...

I have had some AWEFUL taco soup - - I think it had baked beans in it, ek - but this looks worth a try.