Monday, February 25, 2008

From Apologies To Ice Cream

I am so sorry, and am here on my humble knees hoping you will forgive me. In the past two months I have been awarded quite a lot of lovely awards from people that I am honored to be noticed by. And how do I return the compliment? By doing nothing. I kept telling myself, "Oooo, I'll post about that tomorrow." Then I started thinking I would accept them all at once. Then I couldn't remember who had awarded me what and when. If you've been bothered by the fact that I haven't accepted or acknowledged an award please let me know and send me a link to the post where you gave it to me and I will make sure to post about it. I'M SORRY!

Also, I've been tagged twice now for the 7 random things about me meme. I do remember that Tama from The Twisted Hare tagged me, but I can't remember who else did. Please let me know so I can edit this with a link to your blog.

Hopefully you will forgive this addle brained pregnant woman her bloggy faux pas.

7 Random things that happened yesterday:

1. While blogging I heard shouts of, "High-yah!" and "Take that!" only to find that my kids were having a wipey war. They used a whole package of baby wipes and were throwing them at each other. Didn't I say I wasn't going to be on the computer when the kids are awake anymore? I consider myself well reminded.
2. My daughter ran by me in nothing but a diaper... a diaper that had a smiley face drawn on the back of it. Really, even if I have a bad head cold, I need to stay off the computer.
3. There is a matching smiley face drawn on the back of my living room chair and Monster Man seems to be hiding from me. Don't worry, I fully intend to renew my promise to stay off the computer while they are awake.
4. I started sketching out the plans for Cookie and Sweet Terror's painting. I am going to paint both the girls as mermaids. I'm excited for it and hope I can make myself start and finish it in less than 2 months.
5. I have a killer head cold. Seriously killer.
6. When DSSH hubby came home and saw me miserably cooking dinner while sneezing, moaning, coughing, and constantly mumbling, "Now what was I doing? Oh, yeah..." he asked if there were anything he could do to help. I told him, "Yeah, you could rotate the laundry for me, get the kids to do their chores, unload the dishwasher, set the table and finish dinner for me." He paused and then quietly said, "I meant, is there anything I can do for you that I want to do?"
7. Luckily, DSSH was able to buy his way out of marital discord with two pints of Ben and Jerry's and several boxes of flavored Wheat Thins.


Tama said...

Sick and pregnant should never occur simultaneously. As if you aren't miserable enough. Hope you get to feeling better soon!! Thanks for the "random 7"!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Head colds and pregnancy are the worst. I am so sorry you are feeling so miserable. No wonder you are utilizing computer time.

And just this morning while I went to my bedroom for a few minutes to make my bed, Cory managed to pull out all the kleenexes from the box and dump the fish food all over the house. Kids are fast I tell you.

Feel better soon ... and don't worry about feeling bad about not accepting all the awards you have been given. I am even further behind than you are in accepting some :) !!

Anonymous said...

That'll teach you to get on the computer when your kids are up :)
Thanks for your comment on my blog though. I'm sorry you're not having a day like we were yesterday. For the record, neither are we.
And it should be physically impossible for pregnant women to get sick with head colds. I always get an awful cold when I'm pregnant too. Hope you get feeling better soon.

mom huebert said...

Ha! I think your husband hit it on the head. That must be what my Hubby really means when he asks me if he can help!

Becks said...

Oh, I am sorry you are having a hard time, but this post made me laugh and laugh!! I can just imagine the wipey war and the smiley face diaper! HILARIOUS!!!

I think I might have been the other person who tagged you. But I'm not sure.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I gave you an E for Excellent award. This post is a good example of why, you're honest :)

Family Adventure said...

I can't keep up with the awards either...I so appreciate the shout-outs, but I find it very difficult - stressful even - to pass them on. I don't want to overlook anyone, I don't want to step on anyone's toes. So I just do nothing.

Note: I am not advocating this approach - I am just showing you that am waaaaaay worse than you. And I'm not even pregnant!!


Erika said...

Thanks for the "out loud laugh" I got today.
I love the smiley faces :-)
Your DSSH sounds a lot like mine :-)

Lisa said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!