Sunday, March 16, 2008


How do you spell HAPPY?

I know it is Sunday and I should NOT be thinking about this.... but.

On the way to church today I saw 3 of these lovely signs. Yard Sale season is starting early this year and I am happy. =)

My awesome DSSH bought me a box of Samoa Girl Scout cookies and I'm not expected to share with anyone. I love treats just for me and so I am happy. =)

Two people in church made comments to me about how I'm such a skinny pregnant lady and that I looked great. Compare this to last week when I got several comments about how I was so big for only being so far along, and yes I am happy. =)

I went to the library and picked up some fun movies (two classic horrors, a classic, and a romantic comedy) that I get to selfishly watch tomorrow and I am happy. =)

This year I FINALLY remembered to buy my corned beef early so we can actually have our St. Patrick's day dinner. And I also FINALLY remembered to buy my Easter eggs two weeks early so that they will be good and ready to be hard boiled (if your hard boiled eggs never seem to peel without falling apart it is because your eggs are too fresh) and so I am happy. =)

I have bought books and am developing a way to get my artist son to read more and to get my daughter to read more than just fantasy (I will share it once I have it up and running) and so I am happy. =)

How do you spell happy?


An Ordinary Mom said...

Hooray for all your happy moments!

Happy for me right now will come at the end of the month when we see what direction that Lord will be guiding us as far as DH's schooling goes. Until then, sunny days and healthy kids make me happy, too! And great friends, yummy treats, good books ...

Lucy van Pelt said...

I spell HAPPY with anticipation of seeing my family at my neices baptism in two weeks, feeling totally secure in my DH's love, being done with Ward Conference, and feeling really healthy right now. Even though I'm overwhelmed with work and church responsibilties, I'm still really happy.

Becks said...

Yay!! How pleasing.

Do you know the SS song?

How do I spell happy?
How do I spell happy?
As the days go by
This is my great secret
Everyone should know
Jesus makes me happy
For He loves me so

He loves me so
He loves me so
Jesus makes me happy
For He loves me so!

That's how I spell happy. :)

sariqd said...

You know, my dad was a garage sale-aholic. Moi? I've only been ONCE, when I was 10 years old. Sad, eh? I'd like to go... any tips?

I spell H.A.P.P.Y. as getting to go on a trip with my Boo in just over a week. During that trip, visiting with my 2 sisters and a whole bunch of crazy nieces & nephews. :)

Cheri said...

Clap! Clap!

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands. Clap! Clap!

Corny. Sorry.

Family Adventure said...

What a HAPPY post. Your post just made ME happy :)

Happy to me means having my boys close to me, content to be playing together, every now and then looking up, seeking out my eyes and smiling to me.

Have a happy St. Patty's Day.


Amber M. said...

Your post made ME happy, too:-) Happy for me is a clean kitchen, all my kids home this week, that it's warm enough here for a trip to the zoo on Wednesday, and a stack of new books to read. Nice!

Lisa said...

Happy for me is family time. It's the best.

WomensDaily said...

I loooove garage sales. I can't wait!

Maria said...

Sounds like you got it all together! I can't wait to hear about the way!

Michal said...

happy today to me means that i walked/ran a 5k this morning, the beginning of training for the race for the cure. it means i spent 30 minutes reading the book of mormon. it means that my kids chugged down "green smoothie" this morning that was chuck full of spinach! and i just finished a peice of warm irish soda bread.
happy is that i get to have lunch today with two girlfriends without having our 11 kids (between the 3 of us) interrupt us CONSTANTLY.
happy is having a big family and knowing that we all love each other.
happy is being uplifted by my blogging buddies!
here's hoping you have many more happy days this week.

Misty said...

Happy for me today is being comfortable in my own skin, with my own head, and thoughts......

MommySecrets said...

I'm the same way - my husband laughs at my love for garage sales and thrift shops. It's like Christmas all over again!!

Thanks for sharing your ideas for my bathroom hospitality strategy. I really appreciate your simple and practical idea!!


Jen said...

Oh I LOOOOVE Samoas! Have you tried the ice cream flavor? (Is that a rhetorical question?)

My Ice Cream Diary said...

YES I have and I LOVE it. I just wish Dreyer's would put more cookie into it. They used to back when they first teamed up with Girl Scouts of America. Sadly, Dreyer's has been making several cut backs that have ruined several of their flavors for me.

(Like when they opted for a cheap toffee and stopped using Heath Bar in their Toffee Crunch ice cream. I am still crying over that loss of goodness.)

Amy Y said...

I love yard sales too! But not as much as thrift stores... and an hour to read, uninterrupted... and snuggling with my honey at the end of the day...

I love the skinny pregnant girl comment! :) I haven't received one like that yet but I'm not showing much. How far along are you?