Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Weekend in Pictures

The Saturday before last was a gorgeous sunny day with temps reaching 80 degrees. We were sorely unprepared that lovely day. Not wanting to be unprepared this last weekend I packed the kids into the car after school on Friday and headed to the store to get (among many other things) some of these: A trip that should have taken us only 3 hours in total took us a whopping 6 1/2 hours because of the weather induced traffic jam we were stuck in. We managed to make it home with enough time for the kids to play in this: (Notice the bikes laying out after riding in the sunshine the day before)

Cookie said her face was cold. Sweet Terror refused to wear a coat because it is Spring.

While the snow kept falling (we had 4 inches on our deck railing that night) I stayed up till midnight making cupcakes, cakes, and more cupcakes, for Saturday's Cub Scout Cake Auction. Following a link from Scribbit I found this great idea on flicker and made these Settlers of Catan Cupcakes. They turned out pretty cool if you ask me (considering it was after midnight by the time I finished them). If I make them again there are several things I would do different but I'm not complaining.

Then, Saturday, I went above and beyond anything I've ever attempted before in the cake arena. Now, you must know that I am an awful cake decorator. On my kids' birthdays I usually make them cakes out of stacked and decorated Little Debbie Snack cakes because I am so bad at cake decorating. As soon as my knife gets near a cake it crumbles. I don't even like cake so maybe that has something to do with it. However, this awesome site called Instructables had this cake design for a 3D dragon and the instructions were so good I thought I'd give it a try (plus I did go to that cake decorating class with Cookie for her Keepers Club). I gotta say, I pretty impressed with myself. Check out his Apple Fruit Roll Up wings. If it weren't for Cookie prodding me along he would have just been a dinosaur (I have problems staying focused on things that take longer than an hour to make), but she encouraged me all the way to completion.

And isn't it so appropriate that Cookie made a Cookie Monster Cake? We made this one up all on our own. For the face we melted white and semi sweet chocolate and spread the shapes for the eyes and mouth on wax paper. We were going to make real cookies for him to eat but I was so tired of baking that Cookie brilliantly thought of using the tops of our left over spice cupcakes with a few chocolate chips pushed in for faux cookies. Good girl, Cookie!
We also cleaned a LOT. I'm sorry, but I just don't think regular cake is worth all the mess we made in the kitchen. And I must have washed my hands a gazillion times.
Saturday morning DSSH and I went to the Seattle Temple and then out to lunch. And Saturday night we took the whole family to the cake auction/appetizer potluck/dance activity at church. It was so much fun dancing with my husband. It has been far too long since we've done that. One of my favorite memories of DSSH and I falling in love has to do with a magical night of dancing. But that is for another post. Oh, and at the auction I spent all of DSSH's money bidding on a pumpkin cheesecake that the baby just HAD TO HAVE NOW!!! And, An Ordinary Mom, it is going fast so if you want a slice I suggest you hurry on over. =)
Sunday we went to church and then I came home to do even more baking for an unexpected baptism that evening. I am so done with baking today. We may just eat cold cereal for every meal, well except for me. I will be eating my pumpkin cheesecake. MMmmmmm!
And now it is haling. Monster Man says they are white ants dancing on the ground.


Leslie said...

I'm seriously impressed...that dragon cake is awe.some! I love the Cookie Monster too...good stuff!!!

WomensDaily said...

That cake is outstanding! Great job!

Charlotte said...

My goodness you are talented with the baking!! My kids were just drooling over the dragon cake. Do you do birthday parties? ;) Congrats (?) on the snow!

Lisa said...

Wow! Loved the cookies and the cake! I need to pass those cookies on to my friend who introduced me to Settler's. She is the Settler's queen. :)

Kim said...

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO impressed. Those cakes are awesome!!!

Kim @ TheBitterBall

Lisa said...

Oh, they are cupcakes! Still very cute!! And a lot of work!

Family Adventure said...

Those cakes are amazing, and the cupcakes? Wow. I am very, very impressed.

Not quite so impressed with your weather...and you know I understand your pain.

Let's drown our sorrows in ice cream, what do you say?


Amy Y said...

How cool is that!! You did an awesome job!

Cocoa said...

You definitely gotta give yourself credit for those wonderfully decorated cakes!

Magirk said...

Awesome post! :D

Seriously, I think you did a great job on all that stuff! The cakes look great. And if I had heard the word 'cheesecake' at an auction, I would have spent all my DH's money too. ;)


Michal said...

i love the dragon cake AND the settlers cupcakes. i think my sister and i need to do those cupcakes for her husband's birthday. nice work.
you had some pretty crazy weather. yikes. sorry about the snow. at least you still have ice cream!

Anonymous said...

Bravo! These cakes look awesome!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Will there be any left tomorrow morning? We might have to stop by :) !!

Fabulous cake decorating! I don't think I could ever pull that off.

Richelle said...

Those cupcakes and cakes are awesome! Good job!!

just jamie said...

I don't even know where to begin. I feel as if I'm reading a foreign language.


HOME-MADE cakes?

What's that?

(Good job.)

Childlife said...

Oh, I LOVE the dragon cake - I saw this one in a magazine a while back and thought it was adorable! :)

The snow is just crazy! Hope you've all thawed out :)

Scribbit said...

I'd totally bid on those cupcakes! We played Sunday and I was this close to being the first ever to win without the longest road, the largest army OR any development cards---straight cities and settlements. Dang! I was so close.

Mo Mommy said...

Wow, I heard you guys got more snow than us
Those cakes are fantastic! I think I'm going to do the Settlers one for my friend when she has her baby. She loves Settlers and I can make cupcakes without major disasters, usually.

Sonja said...

That's crazy WA spring weather for ya.
Oh my goodness! Those cupcakes and cakes are amazing!! I LOVE Cookies' cookie monster. Fruit roll up dragon wings??
I can't help myself...I have to say it... YOU TAKE THE CAKE! sorry.


Lynell said...

Wow! You are amazing and so ambitious. The cakes/cupcakes are wonderful! Great job. Ü

I understand the whole snow thing. I am so ready for warm weather. The other day it was so warm I had to turn on my car AC. And then, a day later, I was back to the heater. Crazy!!!