Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Who Wants To Play?

Check out these adorable little baby booties that Richelle from Richelle's Reflections sent (and made) me. Aren't they darling? I can only think of two things that could make these any cuter.
Oh how I love baby feet! =)
Richelle sent these to me as part of a "pay it forward" idea. So, now that I've been the lucky recipient of some happy kindness, it is my turn to pay it forward. If you want to play along just tell me in your comment. I will pick three random and willing commentors. The rules of the game, if you are chosen, are that you must be comfortable giving me your mailing address (and you'll just have to trust that I'm too busy changing diapers and preventing sibling homicides to do anything malicious with it ), you must be patient while I figure out what to send you, and then you must be willing to spread the joy to at least three other bloggers.
Who wants to play?
P.S. Stay tuned for a post about visiting my one-armed grandpa and a long lost cousin. I'm really missing blogging.


Cocoa said...

Oh goodness, I want to kiss every single toe! So sweet. Love the idea of "pay it forward".

Jeanette said...

Oh! Lucky you! I saw Richelle's post about her baby booties and thought they were so cute.
I totally love the idea of a pay it forward for the blog world. Fun.

Michal said...

love the toes. nibble nibble.
count me in on the pay it forward game.
i miss your posts. completely understand your longer absences, but i still miss you.

Awesome Mom said...

Those are very tasty looking toes! I would play along except I am in the middle of knitting up a bunch of things for my pay it forward. You have to blog about the gifts you make!

Rachel said...

Would love to join! Really envying the tiny toes you get to enjoy! :)

Amber M. said...

I'd love to play along, too...although if you can teach ME how to avoid sibling homicides, well, I'd consider that my good deed from you:-)

Becky said...

Pick me! Pick me!

Sherri said...

Sometimes I miss blogging, sometimes I don't -it's a sad love-hate relationship. With my 5th, it has been hard to fit in time when there's so much "other stuff" to do. Maybe you mentioned that in a previous post. I love paying it forward.

FallFleur said...

I love the pay-it-forward idea, count me in.

I too love baby feet and the giggles that accompany them.