Monday, October 27, 2008


This last Saturday we finally took the kids to Disneyland. Ok, so it wasn't really Disneyland, but it might as well have been. We took them to a pumpkin farm, you know a place where city slickers take their kids to commune with nature and buy overpriced pumpkins. Well, this year we went to Stocker Farms and this one went way beyond the typical petting zoo and hay ride. Check it out:
Instead of sand boxes they had a couple of these corn boxes. But, just like sand, it got in their shoes and pockets and eventually into my bed sheets and on my couch (they loved it).

They had a row of these spring horses that my kids love. Anytime we come upon a spring horse my kids will play on it for hours and tell me how much they wish we we had one because they love them so much. I finally bought one and.... yeah, they never play on ours.

Cookie tossing a pigskin.

Sweet Terror spent 10 minutes just delicately tapping on one nail 'till it finally went in.
If I weren't so afraid of nails getting stuck in and being shot out of my lawnmower I would love to have this kind of set up in the backyard. The kids (and Mr. Hot and I) stayed here for a long time enjoying the therapeutic effects of "whamming".

The barrel train:

Poor cheeks. There wasn't much there for infants to do.

Here are monster Man and Pablo, jammin' out on the pots and pans rack. Seriously, the boys couldn't get enough of this.

The Hamster Wheels. I'm such a klutz that when I went I proved the necessity of the helmet.

Proof that I was there (that is a spider painted on my cheek)
Cheeks, just chillin'

And what I didn't get pics of were:
The wagon ride
Pumpkin Cannon
Face Painting
Sack races
Bead necklace booth
And the cool fishing pond that was loaded with real fish. Sadly the only ones who weren't able to catch a fish were Mr. Hotness and I.
Oh, yeah, and there was also a pumpkin patch. But the pumpkins were ugly, green, and way over priced so we didn't buy any. We waited till we got home and bought some great ones at our favorite produce stand for super cheap.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

What an awesome day of family fun!

I love the corn box and the picture of cheeks!

dotmother said...

Thank you for letting me peek at your day on the farm. The pics and videos of the kids are PRICELESS!!!! I miss them soooooo much (oh yeah, and I miss you two also....REALLY!!!)

Poppy said...

looks like a lot of fun, we went to one this year, too, but it wasn't as much fun as yours!

Anonymous said...

LOL--you are the SIXTH blog I've read today that has pumpkin farm pictures (not lying; just look at my blogroll and see!)

I hope "Seriously So Blessed" does a Pumpkin Patch posting, too!

scrap chair potato said...

That place looks AWESOME!

I love the videos. My four year old was watching them with me and kept saying, "Let's watch that one again. Laaaaaast time!"

Our pumpkin patch was fun, but not that fun. It looks like it was a great day!

Richelle said...

That looks like a great place! How fun.

Anonymous said...

I wish we had something like that here. I would love to take the chillin's to do that. I'm jealous!!!!

CC said...

Holy cow! Where is this!? I know you are in the NW too. So it can't be THAT far away. Right???? I so want to go. Especially since I can't go to tonight's festivities thanks to The Flash. :( :(

Laura said...

Man, I wish we had something like that here! Maybe I'll pop on over to Del Osso farms to check it out. But if it's not as fun as your Pumpkinland thingamabob, I'll be sorely disappointed.

Sonja said...

You gotta love those amusement farms! We also had corn kernels in our couch cushions, washer and dryer, etc.

I LOVED your pictures and vids. What an adorable family!

Sarah said...

oh, what a fun day!

I really miss our pumpkin patch...

Michal said...

what a great day. my favorite part is the trunks with nails. that looked like lots of fun. and somehow, the corn box looked more sanitary than a sand box. not sure why.

Jeanette said...

I want to do the hamster wheel!
I keep reading blog posts about corn boxes but have never seen one. Apparently they are not something they do 'round here.