Friday, November 21, 2008

Good, Bad, Ugly

Good: I'm going to go see that adorable sadistic hamster in Bolt today with my kids (it's all about the hamster).

Bad: I'm taking the kids to see Bolt in an attempt to avoid having a total nervous breakdown (there had better be a lot of hamster in this movie).

Good: I have a wonderful friend who let me cry on her shoulder this morning.

Bad: She had come over to bring her kids for me to babysit and instead found me in my bathrobe, surrounded by filth, and sobbing over a pee soaked couch.

Good: The reason for the pee being on my couch and not on my child's bed is going to be gone and over tonight.

Bad: I now get to clean up the aftermath of the 3 week long reason why the pee was on the couch and not in the bed.

Good: See how good I'm being about not talking about this "reason?" I'm really working on not whining about the service I volunteer to do in life (but I'm not very good at it because I love to whine!)

Bad: Mr. Hotness will be out of a Job come April 30th.

Good: Mr. Hotness has a job until April 30th.

Bad: Cheeks wants to be held ALL the time.

Good: Cheeks is so stinkin' cute.

Bad: Mr. Hotness has been gone a lot lately. A lot. Lot lot lot lot.

Good: One of the reasons he will be gone is a job interview in L.A.

Bad: It's a job interview in L.A. (all you fellow mom bloggers who live near LA please help me be ok with this)

Good: Because Mr. Hotness is gone I have an excuse for seeing Bolt today (but seriously, there really needs to be a lot of hamster or I'm going to loose it).


Anonymous said...

You had one more good than bad, that counts for something, right? I hope you enjoy the movie. I wish I could be there to let you cry on my shoulder. You can call me anytime you need to and cry over the phone (except today, I have totally lost my voice!) I hope your day gets better. Enjoy the movie!

Becky said...

I'm sorry you're having a hard time! I will pray for work for your hubby and lots and lots of hamster in your day.

PJMcD said...

Hermana Bance, STOP sleeping on the couch.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Hardy har har, PJMcD. Hope you had a fabulous birthday!

Beth said...

My sister lives in the greater LA area and really loves it. Anyway - at least Disneyland is close and that's better than a movie any day. Hope your day gets brighter!

32 Flavors said...

Uh, you sound so calm and rational right now. I hope that holds. I have nothing to say about LA. Except there is more sun, so you might not get the winter slumps? Hope that helps.

sariqd said...

Yowsa - In any case, I'm so glad that the friend was there this morning. YAY! Now - go and enjoy the day. (Ice-cream!!!)


Sonja said...

Come on, there's a TON of jobs here in Utah. Come to Zion. :)

(I'm selfish)

I hope you enjoy that movie. I, too, wish I could lend you my shoulder. I'm glad that the reason you have couch trouble will be gone. I admire you for not complaining about it. :)

For what it's worth, I think you are wonderful.

I love this quote from Elder Wirthlin:

The Lord compensates the faithful for every loss. That which is taken away from those who love the Lord will be added unto them in His own way. While it may not come at the time we desire, the faithful will know that every tear today will eventually be returned a hundredfold with tears of rejoicing and gratitude.

Hope said...

I am not glad that Mr. Hotness is losing his job April 30th-but I'm glad it's not sooner, like the end of the month or the end of January. I'm praying that he finds another job before his April 30th deadline. There are alot of suburbs in L.A. not including the obvious (Beverly Hills, Hollywood). I would be said that you would be leaving.

Lucy van Pelt said...

The good: Mr Hotness had a job for 5 months

The good: 5 months is plenty of time for a well-qualified, hard-working guy to find a job.

The good: Your family very likely will get to have a new adventure in a new home starting next spring.

The good: You have great friends and family to support you through this.

The good: You've survived job loss before and you can survive it again, only this time you're much better prepared.

The good: There's always ice cream to help you through.

Amber M. said...

I'm sorry that things SUCK right now. Have some ice cream:-)

And for totally selfish reasons, I am hoping to get to stay in WA...we just found out we'll be moving to Spokane in July.

Poppy said...

I'm from LA and there are some wonderful places and people could be worse. Where will his job be...I can suggest good places to live based on the location. You will love the weather and the beach. I miss a lot of things about the area. I hope that there was lots of hamster to cheer you up! Sorry about the least it wasn't throw up...that would definitely be worse!

An Ordinary Mom said...

I'll just say ditto to what Lucy Van Pelt said!

Liz, I am so sorry life has been so rough. And if you want some tips about LA, you know who to call :) !!

Jennilyn said...

I hope things get better for you!

And LA really isn't bad, trust me. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't full of filthy buildings and horribly sad things (like homeless and gangs etc) but it really is WARM and SUNNY. It rains about 2 times a year. Citrus fruit grows in your backyard (we had tangerine, grapefruit, apricot, and lemon trees in our backyard). Everyone has a pool, and you can use the pool about 8 months of the year (instant entertainment for the family). There's a beach 20 mins away. And there's REAL Mexican food everywhere. People really are nice down there, and your kids would get to grow up in a racially diverse area.

Ah, it almost makes me homesick. Especially all the WARMTH and the beach and the food... oh real food that's open past 8pm... I'm not getting tired of Rexburg or anything... LOL

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Hey, you never listed any "ugly" so that should be a sign right? Sending some ♥ across the net for you.

Michemily said...

All the best!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I'm glad you found some "goods" among those "bads." I often feel fears associated with your trial right now, so I'm sorry. And maybe this is just me, but I think an animated hamster might put me over the edge. I hope you survived it.

Lisa said...

Sounds like Bolt is a great choice today! I think we are going to see it, too.

I live about 45 min east of LA. I love the weather here! We live at the base of the mountains and there are lots of cool places to visit within driving distance!!

Where in LA is the interview? There are more expensive areas and less expensive areas and safe and not so safe place to be. At least the housing market isn't as insane as it was when we bought here 4 years ago!! Email me if you guys need more info.

I hope things calm down for you.

Michal said...

you will be in my prayers that the right thing will open up for you. my mom's house is for sale in a great little suburb of l.a. i can just picture your family in it. that would make me so happy.

come to think of it, why don't you have mr. hotness look in the sacramento area as well? there are some great homes around right now for a steal of a price. you could be my neighbor. that would make me even happier.

just remember that the lord has a plan for you. perhaps he needs you to be somewhere else in his vineyard right now, and mr. hotness losing his job was the only way to bring that about.

Richelle said...

Hope the movie helped cheer you up. I hope the best for you!

LeeAnn said...

I'm glad for you that you have until April 30, and I hope he finds something well before then! Check out Missouri--future Zion, ya know? (Springfield has cheap real estate and lots of it too. As well as your pick of colleges and universities and an Institute of Religion.)