Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's All About the Little Details

Can you guess what this is? You only get three guesses, answer found at the end of this post. I have to warn you, though, it isn't what you think.

A few days ago the kids were all sitting at the table arting and each child created a masterpiece. As they brought each picture to me we discussed all the little details in each picture, because art is really about details, isn't it?

Here is one of Pablo's classic battle scenes. This one is bad robots vs. the good space fighter guys. I hope the space fighter guys win, I think they are cute.
Here is my favorite space fighter guy. He is a space surfer with arm sheilds. He is thinking, "Uh Oh," as two evil robots come after him. Get 'em space fighter guy!!!

Cookie created this lovely color piece that I'm going to stare at on rainy days. I love it!

She was quick to assure me that there was no need to worry because the snake on this rock is not poisonous and will not hurt the bunny. Whew! If only all snakes were so harmless... and cute.

Then there is Sweet Terror's lovely piece. The detail on this is the medium she used. This is permanent marker on our lovely whiteboard.

So are you all dying to know what that first picture was? Do you think you know what it is? Maybe it would help you to see the whole picture. I know Halloween is over, but Monster Man just had to draw one more scary scene.
My favorite is this monster and the hand coming out of the grave.
And here we have the mystery object. Any one care to share their guess? A sun? Nope, not even close. Spider? No. Come on, people, you have to think scarier than that. Give up? Well, according to Monster Man it is a screaming bloody head coming out of the chimney. See it now?
Yeah, I think it is time we move on to handprint turkeys too.


Rachel said...

Your kiddos are VERY creative! I love the stories behind each one :)

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

these are fantastic! Go to my post from last week called "Natalie's on a roll" and you will find the magical solution for your white board. Really. :)

Amanda said...

Those are beautful! I loved seeing them and hearing the details. Very creative and artistic.

Michal said...

well, i guess that monster man has earned his name.
i was just trying to remember where i recently learned about removing permanent marker--it must have been over at steph's blog.
i love the little detail shots you included here! cute.

Michemily said...

Fabulous artworks!

Lisa said...

They are ALL super! Looks like they've inherited your talent!

Annie said...


Amber M. said...

THAT is funny! I guessed a spider. And how wrong I was.

Jen said...

ha ha ha....these are great! I love kid-artwork.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the dry-erase board. Just scribble over it with dry-erase markers and it will come off.

I know, because I am your smart brother.

CC said...

I love kids' art. Your kids' artwork is great.

and the screaming head? Classic.