Saturday, January 17, 2009

For Just One Week

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*breathing heavily, dragging self across floor by fingernails*

I did it! It was hard, but I made it and I saw wonderful things happen this week. I was only late getting dinner on the table twice but they were both very difficult days where I would normally order out and I didn't.

It took me 2 days to get my bedroom clean but I kept it clean every day after that. I did a major deep clean those first two days and got rid of much junkage (read: I cleaned out my underwear drawers and excess clothing. If only Cookie didn't read this blog I would tell you the many funny findings of my unmentionables. Maybe it's a good thing I let her read this blog, it prevents me from sharing toooo much).

My couch is still free from laundry and my laundry is staying caught up as a result which means we've had no sock crises this week. HALLELUJAH!

And I starved myself of the computer by only turning it on for 3 hours everyday. This would have sent me into withdrawal and shock if it hadn't been for the mini fixes I was able to get with my awesome phone (Mr. Hot spoiled me with a T-Mobil G1 for Christmas. LOOOOVE it!)

I did it. And the best part of it all is that for the first time in a long time I went almost an entire week without having that awful feeling of "Someone should fire me, I'm so bad at this Mom business." It was great!

And now I am very ready for a change. I'm tossing out all these goals (hoping I will still do them out of habit) and going for something different but extreme for me. I've been wracking my brain on this one because it is an odd week with Mr. Hotness home on Monday and the kids only having 2 1/2 days of school. But this is what I've come up with:

For Just One Week I will take my kids somewhere fun every day. This could be a park, a museum, a McDonald's Playplace, the Library, etc. I owe them big time after hermitizing myself after the baby. The work and effort this goal is going to require gives me nervous chills (eeeeek). I will also not play any games on my new awesome super cool G1 phone for the whole week. It is an amazing piece of technology and I need to use it for more than just a really cool amazing handheld arcade game system. AND, I will also spend 10 minutes everyday cleaning in the office (office is a much nicer name than the stash-dump-shove-junk-room).

So,who out there is brave enough, tough enough, crazy enough to jump outside the comfort zone For Just One Week?

What will you do? Write a post about your For Just One Week goal(s) and share your post's link here. Please make sure to link to your individual post and not just your regular blog url. Thanks!


Becky said...

I don't want to write my own post about it, but for just one week, I'm going to make sure my kids and I brush our teeth twice a day.

sariqd said...

I'm not done yet with my weekly goals... I'll post more & new ones in the next day or so.
MEANWHILE - something fun to do with the kids is give them their own little artbook (really, paper stapled together) with some crayons or markers. Then go on a "color hunt." Somebody gets to pick a color, find an object, then everyone draws that same object. Then somebody else takes a turn. It's a wonderful family activity and produces some pretty cool art. (I like framing them in those small cheapo frames.)

Huh. We haven't done that for quite some time. Guess what WE are going to do next week! lol!

BTW - I'm going to call you to drop off your MMP kit!!!!

Mountain Dweller said...

Wow! Where do you get all your energy from? I felt exhausted just from reading about it!
Please send me some of your will power and good intentions - I need a good push in that direction!

Poppy said...

I love that you are doing this and I am gearing myself up for something..I'm just having trouble getting motivated because I am having a baby in about a month and feel like I shouldn't even try because it's all going out the window anyway...I knew you would understand! I am in conflict, though because I am really acting in a way that I should definitely be fired! So let me think on this and get back to you!

The Lazy Organizer said...

I used to make sure my bedroom was clean every morning when I got up. Then I had a baby and that all went out the window. I wish the junk had too.

Now my bedroom is still a disaster but I'm working on a clean living room at all times. It's a good trade off since I spend more time in it.

Way to go with your goals! You are picking some hard things!!

The Lazy Organizer said...

Ha! I guess Poppy and I are having the same problems with babies and windows!

CC said...

I don't have any ideas right now. But I wanted to say "hurray!!" for you! :)

Michal said...

i am SO VERY IMPRESSED that you met your goal for computer time. i know how challenging that must have been. did i mention how impressive it is? you won't catch me making such a goal anytime soon. perhaps keep the computer off until noon, but that's about as far as i can go.:)