Saturday, January 24, 2009

For Just One Week

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Well, I was only able to get as far as the gold star (Wed) this week before we got hit with a really nasty stomach flu. My big goal was to take the kids somewhere fun every day and it's just not a good idea to leave home with constantly puking kids. I also learned that going somewhere everyday is really just too much. By Wednesday my kids were getting grumpy and testy because I was wearing them out without rests everyday. But we did have some fun, and here are the pics to prove it.

Monday we went to the Museum of flight and I stood in the actual Air Force One where LBJ was sworn into office after the killing of JFK. Cool.

Here is Monster Man being a total stud:

And here is Cookie looking like a total teenager slouched on a bench listening to her MP3. Really she was just waiting in a very very long line to ride a little toy airplane. =)

Then on Wednesday we went to the park. It was cold. I mean COLD! But it was good to get out.
Thursday we went to McDonalds playplace and I was so grateful that they have stated printing nutritional information on most of their products because reading the calorie and fat counts made it super easy to say no to an apple pie or second burger. Did you know that 4 Big and Tasties alone, without cheese, equals an entire day's worth of calories??? Thank you McDs for helping me eat less!

I didn't play a single game on my phone all week and instead used it to take these pictures and to send emails to loved ones when I was bored.

Cleaning in the junk room went so well... until the stomach flu hit. Then I had to spend most of my free time in the laundry room. But I got so much done in those first three days that it is looking really good. I have to tell you, though, that it was tough to keep this goal as well as I did. Those three days I would go to bed, so very very tired, and remember that I hadn't done my 10 minutes of cleaning. I would lie there, battling it out in my brain whether to get up and do it or not. Each time I just said, "Oh come on, you pansy, it's just 10 minutes for just one week. Just do it!" And I would pull myself out of bed, set my timer, and it was amazing how much got done in that short 10 minutes.

I pretty much hit a wall in that room anyway because now there are just piles of unfinished projects in that room. I don't want to store them, I want to finish them. Which is a perfect segue into my next week's goals.

For Just One Week I will work for 10 minutes everyday on one of my unfinished projects from the office/junk room. I will also stay off the computer everyday until I've completed a 3 subject (read, write, math) homeschool day with Monster Man. AND I will wash, fold and completely put away one load of laundry every single stinkin' day. These are all Mon-Fri goals so that I can rest on the Sabbath and collapse from sheer exhaustion on Saturday.

What will you do, or how did last week's goals work for you? Write a post about your For Just One Week goal(s) and share your post's link here. Please make sure to link to your individual post and not just your regular blog url. Thanks!

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Bonnie B. said...

I love this idea! I'm a failure at NY resolutions. This will be good for my feeble self esteem. Thanks for the idea! I can already feel myself improving! lol.

Tricia said...

ok i am now ready to be held accountable for just another week lol :o)

Lisa said...

We are probably going to see the Air Force One out here that served from 73-Reagan. I have been reading about it this week. I hope my kids find it as cool as I hope it is.

I'm working hard on my daily schedule, too. One week is a good idea.

Keep up the good work!

Sherilyn -The Dominee Huisvrouw said...

You do realize that you could have a Big & Tasty for breakfast, lunch & dinner, PLUS a midnight snack? As long as you just drink water & don't eat anything else. That's pretty good thinking on their part to split your day's calories into 4 portions instead of just 3!

Sea Star said...

I hope you little guys feel better soon. It is no fun for anyone when there is puking going on in the house.

Cynthia said...

I'm thinking about some goals...there are so many possibilities, but I can't tackle all my problems at once!

An Ordinary Mom said...

You are slowly reeling me in ... I need to start this ... soon, very soon.

Sonja said...

Yep, I'm with Ordinary Mom.

I loved the pictures! I'm sorry to hear about the puking though.

Soon...very soon.

dang said...

Looks like fun in your town. Who was that masked stranger in the background at the air museum? I am thinking he was too young to be a relic.
Fun to see what you guys are doing.

Rochelle said...

okay, I am doing this, but I am working hard to do more than a week. However, I can see the wisdom of a week because you can do anything for a week, right? I am trying to go to bed at 10:00 and be in bed with lights out by 10:30 every night. It is SOOOOO hard. I am also trying really really hard to eat better. Its a choice, get diabetes and have fun doing it, or eat right and change my thinking. You wouldn't think it would be a choice that I would have to take a ton of time to make, but my will power is non-existant!!! But for one week- I can eat correctly!!! You're Killing me lady!

Michal said...

hope everyone is well soon. that stomach flu is no fun.