Thursday, March 26, 2009

Upsets and Sweet Kids

Wednesday was Cookie's big Honor Choir concert. I was so excited to see her sing with her group, following in her mommy's footsteps musically (wiping a proud mommy tear from my eye). And I blew it. Royally blew it. One of the other choir moms told me it was at a different school, or I heard her wrong, and so I drove us to a school clear on the other side of town. By the time we figured out the mistake and got ourselves to the right school her choir group was just finishing its last song. Cookie was disappointed but was very sweet and so understanding about it(she's probably just used to my fowl ups by now and knows to expect this kind of thing on a regular basis). So we took her out to dinner to celebrate anyway and to make up for the upset.

Last night was Pinewood Derby night. Our very first Pinewood Derby. Pablo came in last on every single race, poor kid, but I was so proud of him. Proud because he was obviously broken hearted but, after a long daddy-son hug, did his best not to cry and was even able to shrug it off and finish the night in a happy mood. This is huge for Pablo who has always had a hard time with loosing. We have worked so hard to get him to understand good sportsmanship but it took the camaraderie of scouts to finally get him to see that it isn't worth being a sulker if it means you miss out on all the fun. So we took him out to dinner to celebrate and make up for the upset.

Pablo and his friend

Can' t you tell by his face how happy he is? He has taken to posing very seriously in photos lately.

The other thing that really impressed me was the planning he did for his car. He drew these instructions all on his own (tracing his derby block for the car shape). He is so detail oriented, a trait that he certainly did not get from me.

Now, what other upsets can we create so I can get Mr. Hotness to take us out to dinner again tonight?


Lisa said...

Oohh. I'm sad I didn't get to go to the pinewood derby. We have had WAY TOO MANY church meetings lately (or at least Eric has). We also had a Rainforest night for J at his school.

I'm quite impressed by Pablo's drawings. Does he want to be an engineer?!?!

An Ordinary Mom said...

I need an out to dinner night, too :) !!

Your kids are growing up so fast?!?

CC said...

Hugs to both situations! I think you should get the wrong time for a science fair. That's gotta be good for an out to dinner ticket1 ;)

Sonja said...

I am wiping away a big proud mommy tear from my eye.

From one mom to another...I understand how huge those disappointments can be and how sweet and wonderful your kids reactions were.

Hooray for cubscouts and restaurants!

The Reck Family said...

OhOhOhOhOh, I got and upset for you! How about it has been a month since you have seen your bestest friend in the whole world, and you are so sad, you need a dinner out to cheer you up! Your kids sound so sweet Libby, I can't wait to meet them. I miss you so much!