Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I hope you are all eating strawberries smothered in Nutella. I hope you are all taking a lovely nap in clean sheets. I hope you have told your mom how grateful you are that she gave you life. I hope that you are healing from the sadness. I hope you look at your children and tell them what a blessing they are in your life. I hope you forgive God for the loss of or inability to have children. I hope you don't blame your husband for not making today perfect. I hope you are smiling. I hope you appreciate the paper flower and bottle of lotion. I hope you do something special for yourself if no one else does. I hope you reach out to the women around you today, because Motherhood is about being a woman, with all its joys and hardships, and we need each other.

Happy Mother's Day, ladies. I think you are all fabulous!


An Ordinary Mom said...

We do need to love each other ... thanks for being one of the fabulous ladies in my life :) !!

Lucy van Pelt said...

Thank you! That was just perfect. And I'm working on some of those things.

Bonnie B. said...

Thanks for the post. You don't even know how much I needed to read this, and the other post, too. I hope I can have this outlook next year. I don't want to be disappointed. And sadly, I always find a way to make myself feel guilty for being disappointed. Thanks for the perspective!

Donya said...