Saturday, May 16, 2009

Junk and Love Letters

( Sorry I'm posting this so late. I wanted to post a pic of the towering stack of games I'm getting rid of today, but my camera isn't cooperating with me. So, just imagine a stack of games the size of Godzilla.)

If you aren't using it, it is most likely junk. This is something I have a hard time admitting because I'm a junk lover, but it is true. Sure, it might have great potential. Sure, it might "come in handy" one of these days. And, sure, once you get rid of it you are sure to need it and you will have to pay 5 times as much to get another one. But if you only buy it when you need it, instead of just because it is a great deal, at least you know you aren't buying junk, and that right there is worth the extra money.

See, Mr. Hotness? I've been listening to you all these years, really I have, I just have a hard time DOING it.

Last week my goal was to get rid of any board games that we didn't play with this week. I thought for sure that this goal would lead to much family fun as we played lots of games. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm


Let's just say that I'm going to have a LOT of extra shelf space after today. And it should be that way because we really don't play board games right now. My kids are too young and it is silly for me to hold on to all these games (that are constantly getting spilled and knocked over) when I can just wait till they are older and buy them when I need them. Sure, I might have to pay $16 a game instead of the $1 I payed for most of the ones I have now, but it won't be money wasted on junk.

But, OUCH! It hurts me to get rid of my precious junk. I'm sorry, junk, I should have made you useful. Ok, I can do this. No, really I can. There! I did it. And look at all that shelf space (or just imagine it till my camera cooperates). Now I can move the junk I had piled on my window sill over there so the sun can actually come through the window... or maybe I can just keep getting rid of stuff I don't use. Hmmmm.

I've had so many things that I've wanted to do for this next week's goal. I wanted to exercise everyday, to paint, to start an Etsy store, to practice piano with Pablo everyday, to be perfect, etc. But Mr. Hotness is going to be out of town for most of the week, so I'm sure to be a total mess of a woman this week. Therefore, for just one week I'm going to write a love letter every day. I plan to write most of them to my main squeeze, but I also want to write some to my children, to my Grandpa, and maybe even to myself. I think this is going to be a very fun and rewarding project.

What are you going to do For Just One Week?


Michal said...

i love your idea to write love letters. i'm going to try that this week, too. but posting about it might be more than i can handle!:)

good job de-junking. that is hard. i think i need a third party intervention to get me to do that.

The Lazy Organizer said...

Good job de-cluttering. We are still working on it around here.

I'm still working on the gossiping thing.

Good luck without Hotness this week!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Can't wait until your camera cooperates so I can see these pictures :) !! And I think your goal this week is grand.