Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Little Obsession

Some times a little obsession can be a dangerous thing. Back when I was holding my brand new infant in my arms, at 1am in a sleepless stupor I stumbled upon a lovely kid's craft blog called Crafty Crow. Have you been there yet? I love it. While blog hopping around Crafty Crow's amazingly talented blogroll I found myself on Betz White's blog. If you have ever heard of Betz White you must know about her deliciously adorable felt cupcake pincushions. If you haven't heard of Betz White then, please, run for dear life and don't ever look back. Don't look at the cuteness, the craftiness, the recycling chic-ness, and run from the must-make-it spell that she will put you under. I was one of her many casualties and after reading her blog I set out on my quest, to make many adorably delicious felt cupcakes.
And just a mere 8 months, 5 sweaters, 2 flooded rooms, 15 buckets of water, 1 busted washing machine, 1 nervous breakdown, and several eye twitches later I have achieved my dream. And if you try to follow this dream then take my advice: DO NOT CUT YOUR SWEATERS BEFORE WASHING THEM!!! No matter what Betz White says on the very useful video at don't do it. Oh, and make sure you clean out under your washing machine as well because when the lint plugs your machine's water pump, and gallons of water start gushing all over your floor, those lost socks that found their way under your machine and blocked the emergency drain might cause the water to reroute itself under the wall and into the room next door. It just might possibly make you cry. Hysterically. On the phone with your husband. And he just won't understand what "@#%$&#@($& CUPCAKES!!!!" means. .
.But it was all worth it. Ok, maybe not, but I have to tell myself that or my eye starts twitching again.

I love these little darlings. They are so cute, so colorful, so whimsical, so girly. I don't do girly. I made an exception for these.

I loved sorting through my button box with my kids picking out the perfect button "cherries," and spacing each pin in just the right spot to look like I had just throw a few sprinkles on top. I want to just take a big ol' bite of one of these and lick all the frosting from around my lips.

But the thing I love most about these little beauties is that Betz White sells these for 30+ bucks each and I made 12 for a grand total of 10 dollars (I bought the sweaters for a buck each at Value Village, and the ribbon for a buck each at Micheal's. The pins were the most expensive part). That's less than a dollar each. And that is one sweet deal.
Now I just love that I am done with these. I love that I can send these to some of my loved ones for Mother's Day. And I especially love that I finally get to fulfill my long ago promise to send something to three lucky people who participated in my blog reader drawing waaaaaay back in January.
And the winners are....

Please email me you addresses so I can get these in the mail before Sweet Terror sees them and demands they be hers.

If, after reading all my warnings, you still find yourself wanting to make these yourself then get your hands on a copy of Betz White's book, Warm Fuzzies, where she gives you all the instructions for cupcakes and lots of other felt fun crafts. I will warn you (I'm just full of warnings today), it is a popular book and I had to wait 2 months to get it from the library.


Rachel C. said...

Your post could be a mirror of my life! I do the exact same thing with cute projects! I saw some really cute toadstool softies a few months back and had to go to joanns IMMEDIATELY to get felt, stuffing, fabric and buttons. Good thing my husband is very supportive! :)

Teva said...

These are so so lovely! I could never do this. A. I just don't have the patience and B. I've decided, for this particular craft, to live vicariously through you. But truly, you are one talented (and patient) woman.

Beth said...

Those are so amazing. And I totally believe that they took a lot of effort and time to create.

Amber M. said...

Those have got to be the cutest things I have ever seen. I love them all together on your cake plate!

E. J. Tonks said...

Oh my gosh--you totally ROCK! These are GORGEOUS!!! I just can't believe all the trauma it took to make them, LOL! Reads like a standup routine! :)

32 Flavors said...

Awesome! As I was reading your post, I had a loooong conversation/argument with myself about why I should/shouldn't hop in the car and head out to get me some supplies to make these. And then I get to the end of the post and find out that I won one! Maybe having one will curb the craving for more...thank you!

Michal said...

those are adorable. and this post cracked me up. i'm not talented enough to be tempted to try something like that, but it doesn't stop me from wishing that i were that talented! so cute.

The Lazy Organizer said...

Oh my goodness you are funny and your pincushions are the bomb. I have seen them before and fortunately was able to control myself. I did buy one wool sweater from the DI but then I hid it from myself so I couldn't make anything with it. Really I just threw it in a corner and lost it but still. I seriously don't need one more hobby.

Tammyn5 said...

These are absolutely darling! You did a nice job with not only the colors but the ribbons you used too. I am so impressed...just sorry for all the stress it caused along the way. (See you can do girly things well ;) )