Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Timed Thinking

Currently I keep all my clothes in a set of plastic drawers and a plastic tote in my room. Mr. Hotness and I found some money in our budget to get some much needed bedroom furniture, but I went and spent it all. I used it to buy a couple of in-home exercise machines in a desperate attempt to get back in shape (remember my New Year's goal of getting my wedding ring off?). My idea is that for every 1/2 hour I spend on these machines I will "earn" $5 of my bedroom money back. At 4 hours a week I figure it will take me 2 months. So, I've been busting my butt (ha!) trying to get in a 1/2 hour on each machine (a rower and an elliptical) and I've discovered that my thoughts are pretty consistent at various times in the work out. Here is how it usually goes:

1 minute: This is almost too easy, I better increase the resistance by a lot.

3 minutes: Whoa, Nelly, I don't think I need so much resistance.

5 minutes: *Gasp* *Pant* Who am I kidding? I wasn't made for this. My body was created for the purpose of eating ice cream and watching TV. I have no right to be on one of these things, no right at all.

10 minutes: I think I'm dead or having an out of body experience. I no longer feel the burn and have gone completely numb.

13 minutes: I'm starting to really sweat, gross! I find that acid rock music helps keep my mind off the clock.

20 minutes: I look at the clock and see that I'm almost done. HEY, this isn't so bad after all. Just don't watch the clock, don't watch the clock.

25 minutes: Oh, I could SO totally do this all day. I have hit my groove.

29 minutes: And 5... 4... 3... 2... 2 1/2... Come on, come on... 1... Oh, Sweet Cuppin' Cakes, I don't ever want to do that again!!!
And it starts all over again on the next machine.
Hey, do any of you have some good acid rock bands to recommend?


cindy kay said...

Sounds miserable... but hang in there! I'm sure the rewards are worth it.

Aunt LoLo said...

BWAHAHAHAHAH. You're awesome, mama.

You MUST keep exercising, if only to blog about it. You've got to think of us, your readers, afterall! *grin*

The Lazy Organizer said...

Kay, see, this is why I eat lettuce. Lettuce is the lazy woman's exercise. Of course I eat the pizza too. I just make sure I eat the lettuce first.

superpaige said...

I can totally relate. Only I NEVER think that I could do this all day, unless it's in the first minute or so.