Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why I Don't Blog

I love blogging, I really do. So what keeps me from posting on a regular basis? This does:

This is, for me, a raw and honest self portrait that I drew yesterday. I wish it were a sketch of me playing with my kids, reading a good book, working on one of my bazillion craft projects, decorating my home, laughing, walking outside, out on a date with my husband, or anything besides ignoring the world around me (including myself) as I stare blankly into my computer monitor. Oh, sure, I do most of these things every now and then, but statistically you are more likely to come over and see me doing this than anything else at any given moment. And this is why I don't blog most days. I have nothing to blog about.
I want to change. I want to change my self portrait. So I'm going to try and do a self portrait every week. They will be honest, and hopefully I can get them to start showing the me I want to be.
What would your self portrait look like?


Jen said...

Funny, quite often that could be me as well.

Yesterday my self portrait was me in jeans and a sweater, socks, but no shoes, passionately trying to type faster than the dishes were accumulating in the sink.

But I broke 100 pages on my book and then stayed up really late to do the dishes so this morning my self portrait is the (barely) waking dead.

Once Upon a Time on a Fast Sunday

Poppy said...

That's pretty accurate for me as well. I am trying (going?) to change. It is my only goal this year.

Packer Family said...

I LOVE this idea!!!!!! I might do it too:)

An Ordinary Mom said...

Add being an artist to your list of talents :) !! Even my stick figure drawings look wrong :) !!

My self portrait lately? Me packing and packing and packing and wearing horns because I haven't been as nice to the kids lately. Need to change that one!

Aunt LoLo said...

Ok, first off? MAD PROPS on the SKILZ. I saw the drawing and thought, "How did she find a drawing that looked just like her? Big girl, little boy, short hair...even the computer in the armoir??!"

Then I read on and realized that OF COURSE it looked like you - you drew it. *blush* So, good job. ;-)

And my self- portrait?? I'm usually somewhere between the snack cupboard and my computer. I canNOT single-task, so I'm always flitting from putting a bowl away, to checking e-mail. LOL