Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm Here

Here I am in Charlotte, NC. Well, technically I am in South Carolina, just across the border from Charlotte. We are absolutely loving it here! It is sunny all the time, we get amazing rain downpours and lightening storms. The kids go frog hunting almost every night before bed and we've seen deer in our backyard 5 times now. Mr. Hotness has a fabulously short commute (compared to his 4 hour round trip commute in Connecticut). We are living in a very big, very beautiful home for free right now (long story), just hoping and praying that we will eventually be able to buy it. The kids start school next week and we are all nervous and hoping that they will like it.

I will try to post more, and share photos later. Until then you can read a guest post over at my friend's blog: Suburban Housewife Uprising

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