Friday, March 14, 2014

Fried Power Port Samsung Galaxy S4

Last night Sweet Terror came into our bedroom and asked us to check all the smoke alarms. She was terrified that there would be a fire while we were sleeping. I kept asking her why she was suddenly so scared but she had no answer. We checked the alarm, showed her our fire escape plan, she said a prayer and we all went back to bed. This morning I couldn't get the charger to come out of my phone and then realized it was because it had melted into the phone. There are melty burnt marks all around the charging port. Sometimes I fall asleep while reading on my phone and it ends up under my pillow. I'm so glad I put it on the end table (with the charging port hanging off the edge, like I've been told to do) before falling asleep or Sweet Terror's fear may have become a reality!

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Jon Vance said...

Im glad there wasnt a real fire, she would never sleep again!