Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cookie's Birthday Letter in Chalk

I had a lovely Birthday yesterday. I ate some very special treats, but made sure to be good to my body (meaning, I didn't eat so much that I had to spend the rest of the evening moaning and groaning). I recieved some very nice gifts from my husband and some money from my mom, "Thanks!". Quite a few of my friends and family thought to call or email me, making me feel loved (that's what birthday's are all about, right?). I felt spoiled and special, and that's how a girl should feel on her special day. Now, I have to brag about a very unexpected, very special, very beautiful gift that I was given. When DSSH came home last night, I went out onto the deck to greet him. Before I could even say, "Hi", I noticed sidewalk chalk writing all over the railing of the deck. This is what I found, written by my amazing 8 1/2 yr. old, Cookie:

I (heart) my Mom.

My Mom

My Mom is kind, loving, smart, and gentle. She can help me feel better when I'm sad. She is willing to give up things for me. She can make the rainy day seem sunny and bad dreams go away. Laughs at bad jokes. That is my mom.

My Mom is loving and kind.

With a beautiful face and sensitive mind.

If she smiles at someone they will become blind.

My mom is beautiful and kind.

Her favorite food is cheesecake and creme brule. Happy Birthday Mom.

The world bows down to you.

I (heart) you.

Can you believe this??? I was shocked, touched, amazed, proud. I quickly wrote it down because it will be gone with the next rainfall, and this is Seattle afterall. Cookie and I have had problems getting along with each other and have been really working on our relationship this year, which made this all the more special to me. Anyway, I will stop gushing now. I just wanted to share.


An Ordinary Mom said...

That is probably one of the best birthday presents you have ever received. I am glad you shared it with all of us. Cookie is amazing! Give her a hug for me!

Misty said...

I'm speechless. What an amazing letter from your daughter. What a treasure this will be to you always.