Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Cookie's FHE

Last night Cookie gave the lesson for FHE. I love it when she gives the lesson because she always amazes me with her mature grasp of the gospel. Her lesson made me proud and a bit sad. I felt sad because her opening story was about dealing with bullies. She has had to deal with bully behavior at school. She has been called names, she has been tripped, she has been pushed, and she has been yelled at by boys who just don't seem to know better. This has been a good, albeit tough, learning experience for her and I have been proud of the choices she has made in these situations. She has even turned several of these bullies into friends. So, last night she read her story from the friend and then she had us play a board game that she had created herself. I love these moments, when you feel like your child is mastering the skills you are trying, so desperately, to teach them before they must be sent out in the world on their own. It was good for the boys to hear, too, because they have been getting pretty rough with each other. They seem to think that it is o.k. to punch the other in the eye if he says, "You're a stupid face boy". I keep telling them that if they punch the name caller then they both have to be punished for bad decisions, but if they don't fight back, then only the name caller gets punished. Ah well, we keep trying.

Today I am taking on Mount Everest. I am climbing the summit, and then I am going to chip and hack away at it until it no longer exists (or at least until I turn it into multiple miniature Everests). If you can't tell, I am referring to my paper pile. And it is taller than me right now, seriously! It starts at the top of my computer armoir, actually it starts on the top of my printer that is on top of my armoir, it runs down the sides of my monitor, it is busting out of every cubby hole, is keeping the side cupboard and drawers from closing, has fallen behind the armoir, and has been pushed underneath, and between its side and the wall. Considering all that, I don't think anyone can accuse me of exaggeration for calling it an "Everest".
P.S. What time is it when you find a pitcher in the bathroom?

Answer: Time to sanitize the pitcher and see what else the kids have been doing while I blogged.


An Ordinary Mom said...

That makes me sad to hear what Cookie has had to endure at school! It is hard for me to handle. I hope things are getting better!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Things are getting better. She has been able to use humor to get these guys off her back, without drawing more fire. She has built up her circle of friends so she now has back up to deal with the "boys". It doesn't stop me from wanting to knock a few heads together on the playground, but I've been surprisingly good at coaching from the sidelines. I think it has helped her feel that she is big enough to handle life without mommy stepping in.

Lucy van Pelt said...

I'm really proud of both of you. The reality of our human experience is that we have to deal with mean people on occasion. It's so important for young people to learn how to deal without being rescued. As hard as it is for both of you, you're doing a great job of learning from the negative experience.