Thursday, May 10, 2007

Monster Man, I Love You

I feel angry and tired today. I know that the anger is a byproduct of my feeling tired. Monster Man came upstairs with dripping wet hair just now. I have cleaned up so many water messes this week that I kind of lost it. I asked him, in a voice much too severe, "Are you making more water messes? How did you wet your hair? Did you put water in a cup to wet your hair? Did you dip it in the sink, the tub, or the toilet?" The pitch of my voice is getting higher and starting to sound hysterical. Monster Man shrugs his shoulders, gives me that one eyed Popeye squint of his that I absolutely adore, and says, "I just wanted to show 'Pablo' how good my hair looks when it's wet". Instead of laughing and hugging my awesome little guy for trying to look his Sunday best, I continue the interrogation, "Is the sink empty now, or is it plugged? Is 'Sweet Terror' in the Bathroom too? is there any water on the floor? Well you better get down there and unplug it. You had also better make sure that bathroom is clean because if i find any water puddles I will scream!" He obediently went down to check for puddles and to unplug the sink. He does look handsome with his nice wet hair. Maybe if that was the first thing he did this morning I would have savored the cuteness of the moment. Maybe if it hadn't been for the steak knife carried up into the tree, or the stolen pillows from my freshly changed and made bed, or the marker writing on the side of the house, or huffing and puffing when asked to clean, or the spilled soggy cereal, or finding all my kitchen utensils out in the dirt and in the bathrooms and in the living room, or any of the other Monster Man creations today, maybe then I would have told him that he did indeed look handsome and then nicely have asked him to make sure he cleaned up any mess, just like a big boy should. Maybe that is why, when he came up from unplugging the sink, I grabbed him in my arms, squeezed him till he laughed, and told him, "Monster man, I love you SOOOOOO much!"

This is Monster Man 2 years ago, cleaning up one of his flour messes.


An Ordinary Mom said...

You need an ice cream break :) !!

LaughterThoughts said...

goodness... i am constantly dealing with those water messes, too! it seems as if i'm always nagging them to mop up the water from the counter tops and floors. and to unplug the sink! my 4 y.o. is always "washing" his hair in the sink so he can have "handsome hair" or "be like superman." more water ends up in a puddle on the bathroom floor, though, i think.

nothing like the time they were all coming in from the backyard, going into the bathroom, filling up watering cans and buckets in the sink, and then taking them back outside to water flowers. it took me WAY too long to realize what was going on, and by that point i had much more than a wet bathroom to clean... i had a water trail from the sink to the backyard!

Lucy van Pelt said...

Isn't it funny how "cleaning up" can be even messier than making a mess? Monster Man really is a cutie. And you really do need an ice cream break. Life has been a little crazy, but maybe we can go next week on Tuesday? We'll invite An Ordinary Mom too! It just can't conflict with American Idol.

YETTE said...

he looks so cute... and quite guilty. =D take care!