Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hablo espanol con mi familia

I am trying to learn Spanish. My dream is to be able to teach it to my children (so that I can yell at them in public, in Spanish) and to be able to speak with Spanish speaking converts or investigators at church. A very sweet friend of mine goes completely out of her way every week to drive 1/2 an hour through heavy traffic to my house to listen to my pathetic excuses for not practicing. She never complains and I love her for this. I've even left her sitting in her car, in my driveway, wondering where I am because I've forgotten that it is Tuesday and am not here when she shows up for our lesson (I figure that I was given this tendency to help others practice the art of forgiveness and to keep me humble). Anyway, today I actually felt that there may be hope for me yet as I understood and was even able to use quite a lot of the things she has been trying to keep in my sieve like brain. Today I learned some very important commands to use with the kids at dinner time.

Da una vuelta en tu silla = Turn around in your chair

Trae (pronouned trah ey) cinco tenedores = Go get 5 forks

Pon tu comida en tu plato = Put your food on your plate

No pongas tu comida en la mesa = Don't put your food on the table (the verb changes when used in a negative sense in this tense)

Sirve la agua = Pour the water

No sirvas demasiado = Don't serve too much (As in, don't give Sweet Terror more than a smidgeon of water or it will be all over the table in seconds)

Contengan los manos = This basically means keep your hands to yourself, or fold your arms for the prayer.

Sientense a la mesa = Sit your selves at the table (SIT DOWN!)

Arreglen las sillas = Arrange the chairs (We use folding chairs so I'm always telling the kids to put the chairs down and around the table)

No te muevas = Don't move (This one is for Pablo, a squirmer)

No muevas tu silla = Don't move your chair (This one is for Monster Man who likes to fall out of his chair)

No me toca = Don't touch me (sweet Terror likes to wipe her grubby paws on my shoulder during dinner)

So, now we can all yell at our kids and educate them at the same time. Enjoy!

P.S. If you've noticed that I have any of these wrong, please let me know. I like my yelling to be correct.


LaughterThoughts said...

(okay, it's only been like a week, but i finally got my random thoughts up!)

PJMcD said...

Hay muchas cosas en la calle hermana Bance>

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Hola, senior PjMcD. Como estas?

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