Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I used to love writing poetry. I can't recall what made me stop. I must have let myself become too practical to have time for it? Well, today I had some fun with it again. Last Friday my DSSH told me about Yahoo answers, (if you know me then you know I love telling people how to run their lives). So, I signed up on yahoo answers so I could start bossing people around. I was having a lot of fun doing that when I noticed they had a literary section. In there I was having fun giving people my interpretations on Shakespeare, etc. From there I noticed that there was a poetry section. For laughs I quickly perused it's offerings. One guy had asked that people quickly write a poem about "secret love" off the top of their head. I decided to take his challenge to see if I still had any words in me. It was so fun that I quickly looked for others like this. Here are the end results of my foray into poetry today:

Quick poem about "Secret Love":

Thrilling and enticing, in its guilt it was discovered
The passion, like embers, can only live when covered
This raging inferno could never stand the test
So secretly it's kept where life will not molest
To bare itself is to kill itself
To ask for more is to hurt yourself
Beautiful in its lies
Expose it and it dies

Write an acrostic poem about food:

Pretty aprons
And time with grandma
No, time will not erase
Cherished moments
A life well shared
Keep love in this space.
Every time I eat one
She smiles from heaven's place

Quickly write a short poem:

Opening my hand, it is easy to do.
Wiggling my fingers, I see you can do it too.
The joints all bend, the muscles all move
With all of this it should be easy to do.
But, somehow, it takes more;
Much more than I posses,
To reach this hand of mine towards yours
And receive your offered caress.

This one isn't a poem, but a definition. Someone asked for the definition of love and I wrote:

Love is the ability and willingness to suffer

It was very fun playing with words again. I think I will do this again, hopefully at least once a week.


An Ordinary Mom said...

You are a master at playing with words! Thanks for sharing your talent. You definitely should do this more often.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Ordinary Mom,
You make my ego very happy =)