Thursday, May 31, 2007

Photos Of The Fun

At Marina Beach. This is Wendy and the kids. Of course Pablo had to bring his sword.
Shawn missing the ball. HA HA HA. Ok , the truth is that this was the ONLY shot he missed and I never caught a single pass. But I happened to get this on film and it makes me feel a lot better (insert evil Liz laugh).

My manly man, doing the manly man BBQ duties.
Here I am with a momentarily resigned Sweet Terror at the park by Pike Place Market.
Here is Shawn holding Sweet Terror. This is what she was like 90% of the time while we were at the market.
Here are the doughnuts that made the Sweet Terror's scream all worth it. Mmmmm... doughnuts (insert Homer Simpson drooling).


Lucy van Pelt said...

This picture of the doughnuts is my favorite. I love those and just have to get them every time I go to the market. I guess it's a good thing I don't get there too often.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Well I obviously don't know the market very well if I have never experienced such doughnuts. Better put that on my agenda of things to do before DH graduates next summer.

Cellista said...

Great pictures!

YETTE said...

loved the photos! looks like you had an eventful day. =D