Friday, June 1, 2007

Cute Little Gossip Story

Have you ever heard of Gossip Town, on the shores of Falsehood Bay,

Where Old Dame Rumor with rustling gown, is going the live long day?

It isn't far to Gossip Town, for the people who want to go.

The Idleness Train will take you down in just an hour or so.

The Thoughtless Road is a popular route, and most folks start out that way.
But it is a steep downgrade; if you don't look out, you'll land in Falsehood Bay.

You glide through the Valley of Vicious Folk, and into the Tunnel of Hate.

Then crossing the Attitude Bridge, you walk right into the city gate.

The principle street is called 'They Say', ans 'I've Heard' is the public well.

And the breezes that blow from Falsehood Bay are laden with 'Don't You Tell'.

In the midst of the town is Telltale Park. You're never quite safe while there;

For it's owner is Madame Suspicious Remark, who lives on the street, 'Don't Care'..

Just back of the park is Slanderer's Row. 'Twas there that Good Name died;

Pierced by a dart from Jealousy's Bow, in the hands of Envious Pride.

From Gossip Town, Peace long has fled, but Trouble, Grief, and Woe,

Sorrow, and Care you'll meet instead, if ever you chance to go.


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