Thursday, May 24, 2007

I Prefer To Be Preferred

Are you a Preferred customer? Are you one of the lucky owners of an Albertson's Preferred Customer Club Card? I sure hope so, because if you are just look at the frozen happiness you can acquire for the insanely low price of 2 for $5.oo. I told you it was insane. Albertson's must love me because this is obviously a sale put on just for me. As soon as I was able to stop drooling on my circular I hopped in the car, got back out because I had forgotten my kids, rushed them all out to the car and to our nearest Albertson's ice cream freezer. I've mentioned before that I don't like paying large sums for those inky dinky little gourmet cartons of ice cream, but at 2/$5 I can definitely go for some sahweet Ben & Jerry's frozen happiness. Sadly B&J's has done to me what Bath and Body works has done. They come out with the world's best flavor/scent, they get you hooked, and just when you are willing to admit that your very existence depends on said flavor/scent, they rip it off the shelves and call it "discontinued". B&J used to make two amazingly addictive flavors called

Wavy Gravy
"The flavorful flashback to the 1960s legend was a counter-cultural creation of caramel and cashew Brazil nut ice cream with a chocolate hazelnut fudge swirl and roasted almonds. Perhaps a bit too much for some to crunch, this was still a late-night bite we loved to munch."


Rainforest Crunch
"A joy-inducing jungle of vanilla ice cream with untamed chunks of cashew and brazil nut buttercrunch. Though it was a flavor all went nuts exploring, it could not be saved by such adoring."

Let us all rest our spoons for a moment of silent respect.................sniff, sniff............ So I perused the shelves looking for a good flavor. I remembered trying the Oatmeal Cookie Chunk and not liking at first and then feeling like it was heavenly, so I bought one. then i saw that they have a Strawberry Cheese Cake flavor. I have been searching for the perfect Strawberry Cheese Cake ice cream. The closest I have come is Breyer's Sarah Lee Strawberry Cheese Cake. I went on an 8 month binge of that yummy stuff. Sadly no one carries it any more so it is very hard to come by. I once tasted an even better one at a movie theater. It said it was Dreyer's brand but i haven't been able to find any Dreyer's Strawberry Cheese Cake in the stores, or on their website. Aw well, I keep trying, so I bought the B&J to try out. I also picked up some Breyers Root Beer Float and Breyers Heath Bar Crunch (I knew the B&J wouldn't last long so I needed some back up).
The votes are in:
B&J Oatmeal Cookie Chunk: Yummy. Did you ever try those cinnamon chocolate chips? They are like that in an oatmeal cookie. It was very yummy and very feel good comfort food kind of ice cream. It is one to eat when you feel homesick, or when it is snowing out, or when you are watching old reruns of shows you used to watch as a kid (like Cosby and Little House on the Prairie).

B&J Strawberry Cheese Cake: Good, but not as good as Sarah Lee or the mysterious theater ice cream. I don't think I would buy it again. It seemed to leave a chalky feeling in my mouth.

Breyer's Rootbeer Float: Perfectly smooth and rootbeerishly yummy. All it needs is the fizz and some french fries on the side and it would be the real thing.

Breyer's Heath Bar Crunch: If I had to choose a favorite toffee bar ice cream it would have to be Dreyer's, not Breyer's. Breyer's is good but overly sweet and all the toffee chunks have melted into little puddles of sweet toffee goo. I like big chunks of of crunchy toffee in my ice cream so I will let the kids eat this one and wait for Dreyer's to go on sale for this one.

I think I will exercise my Prefered Member privileges again tomorrow. The B&J Pistachio Pistachio, and the Creme Brulee are ones that I simply must try.
Now, I must give my full attention to this bowl of Rootbeer Float before it melts. Happy scooping!!!


LaughterThoughts said...

hmmm... as a matter of fact, i am preferred!

maybe albertson's should pay you for the advertisment-- you've got me sold!:)

An Ordinary Mom said...

I hold the preferred card in my hand, but I am trying to have a healthier lifestyle :) !! Right now I have no craving, but I will let you know if it gets there ...

Daisy said...

Mmmm, Rainforest Crunch -- the memories. My mouth is watering with the memories.

Lucy van Pelt said...

Holy Crap is that a lot of ice cream on sale! I may have to break down and buy some sugar-free for the DH.