Tuesday, June 5, 2007

NO BREAD??!!!???

How do you pack a cold lunch for a kid to take to school when there are no bread products in the house? No butt ends of a loaf sitting in the bag, no spare hotdog buns left dogless, no leftover pancakes waiting for a purpose in life, not even a wayward tortilla was to be found. What to do? That is why I was up a little early this morning whipping up some mini corn muffins in my bathrobe. I tell ya, the whole lunch box drama that goes on in this house... Ok, it's not that bad. I just don't like thinking about lunch before I've even had my breakfast. I'm all for throwing together a stack of PB&J's, or boiling a big pot o' the Yellow Death (Mac N' Cheese), toss a few apples at the kids and I consider myself to be a good mom. But when my daughter comes home from school with an untouched lunch box and says, "I didn't eat my lunch because the kids were making fun of me for what I brought", and I'm the one who packed the offending victuals, I have to rethink my usual lunch standards.

I have, since then, tried to be fun and creative, while still healthy, with the lunches I pack for my daughter. Some of her favorites, which have also been approved by her classmates, are:

Nutella and Peanut butter tortilla rollups
German Pancake Cubes rolled in powdered sugar
Trail Mix (Cranberries, banana chips, choco chips, pretzels, and almonds)
Cheese and ham cubes with toothpicks to spear them with
Cold Tortilla Pizzas
Cold Whole Wheat French Toast strips with small Tupperware of syrup to dip them in
Breakfast Chocolate Cake (It is very cool to be a mom who gives cake for lunch as well as breakfast)
And veggies cut in all sorts of different ways

Alas, this morning I failed once again. She opened her lunch box and proclaimed, "Mom, I don't eat corn muffins, remember?" ARRRGH! I would have had her make her own lunch at this point, except there was nothing else to make it with. So, being the good mom I am, I said, "Just take them anyway and try trading them for something else". Hopefully some other mom out there packed something cool for their kid, and hopefully that kid will like corn muffins better than their cool food and take pity on my poor starving daughter.
SHS update: Jumped, made bed, started moving and was surprised to find that I was sore from the piddly 7 minutes of moving from yesterday. I must be way out of shape. Moved for a good 13 minutes because DSSH was taking his sweet time in the shower. Feelin' good.

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Cellista said...

Those look yummy! I'd eat them in my lunch! Not that I can chew right now.
I hate making lunch too and I don't even have to worry about classmate approval.

An Ordinary Mom said...

What a sad state of affairs this world is coming to when kids are making fun of each other for what is in their lunch. At least Keri likes to take honey whole wheat bagels.

In general I wish I could always have someone around to fix me lunch and dinner. I am not fond of having to always come up with ideas :)!!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Cellista, I hope the wisdom teeth came out ok.
AOM, I agree that it is very sad. it never ceases to amaze me how cruel children have learned, and are allowed, to be.

Misty said...

The oatmeal ice cream photo VANISHED! How are you holding up?? Keep us posted! I'm off to change a poopy pants! Good luck with the limited carbs!