Monday, June 4, 2007

HEY, Everybody, It's Family Night!

Usually I know exactly what subject I want to cover every Monday for our Family Home Evening lesson, but this week I was feeling mighty stumped. Luckily I remembered that my friend Cellista (that is pronounced 'Chellista', because she plays the cello, and that is pronounced 'chello') had put together a great list of FHE sites on her blog. After scanning several dozen different lesson ideas I finally found one that we need, and need in a BIG way. My sweet kiddies are a good bunch and they are very obedient. The problem I have is getting them to be obedient quickly. I usually have to say something three times, threaten them in some way, or yell at them in my exorcistic-mommy-means-business voice before they "hop to it". So, this is the lesson I have planned for tonight:
Opening Song: The Family (CSB #194)


Discuss: "Did you hear in the opening song how much fun a family can have together? What did they have to do before they could have all that fun?" Reread the song if needed. The answer is they had to get all the work done first. "To get all of our family work done I need you to all be willing to obey when I ask for your help, don't I?"

Read: I Believe in Being Obedient By Karen Lofgreen

Activity: Play Hangman using the pictures at the bottom of the story.

Discuss and Challenge: Talk with the kids about how obeying quickly helped President Hunter to be a prophet of God. Talk about how obeying quickly will improve the peace in our family and will help each child be the best they can be. I'm going to ask them to play a game. They like to race eachother in everything just to say "I win!", so I'm going to ask them to try winning with obedience. If I ask them to do something and they do it the first time i tell them I will say "YOU WIN!". I'm hoping htis will encourage Monster Man and Pablo, who are very competitive and the ones who don't obey quickly. I'll let you know how it goes.

Closing Song: Quickly I'll Obey (CSB #197)

Closing Prayer

Treat: Creme Brulee for the kids, yogurt and fruit for DSSH and me (I'll whine about why this is tomorrow)

FHE REPORT: I am happy to report that since the Mom My Ride FHE our car has been emptied everytime we get out of it. It is currently in need of a good vaccuming, but there is no garbage, book bags, toys, etc... littering the floor, and that feels good.

SHS Update: Jumped out of bed, changed my sheets, made my bed, did 7 minutes of morning stretches. Feel really good about it.


An Ordinary Mom said...

You have had accomplished quite a bit today! Point for Liz!

Cellista said...

Thanks for the link to my site! We didn't do FHE last night. We had to drive 60 miles to pick up the boys at Grandma's because her van died and she couldn't drive them back up here to us. I was kind of out of it all day long though and probably wouldn't remember a lesson if we had one. Yours sounds great though. We have obedience lessons frequently it feels like. It gets better for a time, then it seems like we need one again. Hopefully it will sink in one of these days.