Monday, August 27, 2007

I Really Do Homeschool

I know you wouldn't be able to tell just from reading my blog, but I really am a homeschooling mom. I don't often post about my kids because my blog is usually used as an escape from my daily duties as mother (Does that make me sound awful? Too bad). Today I took the kids to a local beach park and as they gathered seashells, built driftwood forts, and splashed in the freezing cold waves, I took some time to ponder over this year's homeschooling schedule. In past years I've fully enjoyed a lackadaisical, sort of fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants approach to education. However, now that the kids are older, and now that we have to factor in Cookie's public school schedule, I find that I really do need to have a method to my madness here. I pulled out some bright little yellow index cards, that I keep in my purse for just such occasions, and began writing. Now, I have to try and make some sense out of all these scribbles. The times I give are not starting times but ending times, so I must finish each thing by the time given. If it doesn't have a weekday next to it then it is done everyday Mon-Fri

6:25 Wake up and JUMP out of bed
6:45 Make bed, pick up room, shake my booty till DSSH gets out of the shower.
6:55 Put on running clothes, family prayers, kiss DSSH good bye (I'm such a good wife)
7:30 Run or shake booty for 1/2 hour
8:00 Unload Dishes, dress kids, get them to do whatever chores I can
8:30 Scripture memorization with kids, quick prayer, take Cookie to school
9:30 Reading time
10:15 Math Lessons
11:00 Personal Folder Seat Work
11:15 lunch
1:30 LOVELY QUIET TIME All kids will take a nap or read quietly in bed. Usually I just eat and veg-out during this time. This year I want to do more with this free time.
Mon: Do a deep clean in one area of the home and write a letter to a loved one.
Tue: Answer a Little Miss Knowitall (I haven't answered one in way too long), Do something artistic, or work on my writing projects.
Wed: Watch a movie and enjoy a yummy snack (Hey, I'm still human).
Thur: Do a sewing project and work on church calling duties.
Fri: Wild Card do what I want to day.

2:30 History or Science (Or both if I'm having a SUPER MOM day)
3:00 Pack up kids and walk to Cookie's school to pick her up.
4:30 Have kids finish their chores, prep dinner, and have Cookie do her homework.
5:30 Do something interactive and fun with kids
Mon: Play Board Games
Tue: Math Games
Wed: Run Errands (Sorry kids, it's gotta happen sometime)
Thur: Outing to museum
Fri: Art project

6:30 "All right, everyone downstairs and give mom some peace and quiet so I can still love you."
7:00 Finish making dinner, have kids set table.
8:55 Family scriptures, prayers, brush kids' teeth, spank and send kids to bed.
9:55 Enjoy a quiet moment with DSSH

Being realistic, though, I plan to crash and burn every Wednesday (and every other Thursday as well). Those are the days when I will eat embarrassing amounts of ice cream, watch every Cary Grant movie I own, and talk to my sister until her husband cuts their phone line.

This craziness will start on the morning of September 4th. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

"All right, everyone downstairs and give mom some peace and quiet so I can still love you."-- Love it!! It's so true!

Good luck on your schedule.

Jen said...

6:30 pm is great, lol.

Left-Handed said...

Wow. I am definately sending my kids to public school.

Montserrat said...

I make schedules too for our homeschooling days. I only change them every other week. :D

Cellista said...

And here, I just decided to throw the time schedule out the window after 2 weeks! Some things do need a time attached to them though. Good luck to you with your plan.
Actually, the next 2 weeks are crazy here, so we'll reevaluate everything for Sept. 17.

Misty said...

Are you making it? Missing your posts this week.

Scribbit said...

You amaze me. I think it would be so hard for me to do that--

I'll be interested to read about your adventures in homeschooling though :)