Sunday, September 2, 2007

There's No Place Like Home

Ahhhhhh, home at last.

Top ten signs that it is time to stop vacationing:
1. The answering machine is full.
2. While driving into your driveway you say, "Look kids, we're home!" and they ask, "Who's home is it?"
3. You enter your house and wonder, "Has my house always smelled like this?"
4. Just the thought of handling another wet swimsuit makes you want to cuss in front of your children.
5. You actually turn down one last dip in the hot tub because of sign #4.
6. Home cooked food sounds so good it brings tears to your eyes.
7. Doing your own chores sounds fun.
8. There is more sand in your car than there was at the beach.
9. You have spent more money on toothbrushes and sunscreen than you have on gas.
10. Your mailbox is full of sympathy cards because people think you have up and died.

I'm not sure how long it is going to take me to get all the sand out of our shorts, or the campfire smell out of our shoes. I'm not sure if my kids will believe me when I tell them that this next weekend we are just staying home. I'm not sure if I will be able to fully unpack and catch up on laundry before Christmas. But this I do know: I'm stayin' put for awhile. So, don't get married, have a baby, hold a family reunion, have an anniversary, offer me tickets to a big game, invite me to your beach house, ask me to go camping, or any other such fun because I will not get in that car one more time (Well, unless it's to run to the store for some stress relieving ice cream. Anyone want to suggest a new flavor for me to try?).


An Ordinary Mom said...

I am so ready for normal stay-at-home life to begin!

Jen said...

Don't you just feel like you need a vacation from vacation?

I recommend Leatherby's. Their vanilla is to die for. Order it with strawberry topping.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Jen, we don't have a Leatherby's here but I checked out their website and now I'm drooling.

Montserrat said...

One of my favorite ice cream treats is chocolate malt push em's from Schwan's. Their even kinda healthy! Good luck with all the laundry!

Tirzah said...

I'm always worried my house smells weird!! If I know someone is coming by, I almost always light a candle!!

Do you have a Coldstone Creamery??

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Tirzah, I do have a Cold Stone. What do you reccomend?

Kim said...

I have totally done #3 before. We were gone for 3 weeks in March and it hit me when we came in. Not a bad smell, just not what you remember. Weird, isn't it?

My fave from Cold Stone is the Cake Batter flavor!

Jen said...

Cold Store IS yummy! Basically you choose your flavor, and then what you want mixed in, and they mix it before your eyes. It's very hard to decide what to get! We thought they had one here, but we went and the guy came out and said they weren't opening until Sept 8th. Sigh.

LaughterThoughts said...

like jen said, i always say that i need a vacation from my vacation. and i get so tired of eating out!

Scribbit said...

HA! That happens to me--we're gone for the weekend and I walk in and say, "Is this what my house smells like??" It's not really good or bad, just a smell that I don't usually notice I guess.

Lisa said...

That is funny! I personally like all the ice cream Disneyland has to offer, but that would mean another road trip for you! But Cold Stone or Marble Slab is a close second.

Cellista said...

Oh stop! I'm leaving on Thursday and don't want to think about the coming home part. Of course I've been here all summer long, so I'm ready to leave. Plus my darling children are trying their hardest to not make me feel guilty in the least about leaving them for 8 days. They've been such pills this morning!
I hear you on the house smell though. We went back east last summer for 2 weeks and left some milk or something in a dirty dish in the sink. Oh it was horrible. Plus it smelled like a stinkbug crawled down my bathroom sink and died every time we turned on the faucet in there.
Good luck readjusting!