Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Good Morning

Good Morning! I am off to play botany bingo with the boys in Co-Op. I found a BINGO sheet generator online and put all of our vocab words from our plants unit on it. I will read the definitions and whoever gets 5 in a row gets a treat (another good way to get rid of Halloween candy).

If you need something to read, may I recommend this blog post that has been changing my life? It is a long read but very, very thought provoking. Let me know what you think.


Cocoa said...

The blog post you've linked to is amazing. There's so much to ponder, chew on, think over. It reminded me of Elder Oaks' talk and Sister Beck's talk from this past General Conference all rolled into one but on a more personal level. It also shows there are so many good, good people trying to do the best they can. I have so much to work on!

Kim said...

Thanks for giving me the link to this post. It really does cover all the things I am struggling with right now. (and don't worry i never get mad over a friend offering advice to help me)

I am thinking about several of the things she said in that post. I really only have one issue with it. When she says "That means I must also live to obey my husband, to serve my husband, and to please my husband". At this point I don't think that is what the bible meant by placing your husband 2nd. I am NOT here to serve and obey my husband. I like the idea of putting his wants and needs second after those of God, but I don't really think that means I am to OBEY and SERVE him. As with everything, it is all open to interpretation and I interpret this differently.

For me marriage is a partnership, a joining of two souls as one. If I consider myself his servant that does not make him my partner it makes him my master. Not happening in this lifetime! I think the real focus of placing your husband 2nd behind God is simply that we should focus on marriage and doing what we need to do to make it work. We are to place that above the other things in life. To work on making our husband's happy by working on the relationship.

Honestly we have not been doing so good on the sharing and partnership recently and this post did make me realize that I need to focus on that first and foremost. We can work together on making things happen.

So, I got some good things from this. I am just adjusting it to fit my life and beliefs.

Kim @ TheBitterBall

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Kim, I can totally understand what you are saying. When first reading her post I cringed as soon as she used the word "submissive." But as I read her article I got the feeling that she wasn't talking about rolling over and playing dead, but that she was talking more about honoring our husbands. In my marriage ceremony to my husband I was told to heed the counsel of my husband as he heeded to the counsel of the Lord. After the ceremony my hubby jokingly nudged me and said, "So, did you hear that part about heeding your husband?" And I just smiled and said, "Yes, but I have a loophole, I only have to listen to you as long as your are listening to Heavenly Father." That statement has stayed true throughout our marriage. Any time my man thinks he is going to get away with something I don't approve of all I have to say is, "Lets pray about it." We always come to the same conclusion when we do things this way, and in this way I have absolutely no problem honoring (submitting to) my husband.

Cellista said...

I don't think that's a loophole, I think that's the way it was intended to work. I have no problem submitting either when it works that way and we're all in agreement with the Lord.

I read the article and it really did have tons of good things to think about. I could pray more often to see what specifically I should be working on next, and then stick with something until it's fixed. I tend to start something and never follow through completely.

I had an issue, but I can't quite put my finger on it. It's like she fixed everything herself--her routines, the housework, meals, homeschool, clothes (even for dh), and finances, and I got the impression that she did it all for her husband, and not because she's worth it too. And she did mention marital problems and through it all, those were solved. I want to ask what her dh did to help solve any problems and what does he do for her.

I love flylady and this is what I envision were I ever to actually follow through the flylady plan, but I like that flylady heavily emphasizes making positive changes because you love yourself and you're worth it.

I'd love to have everything going that perfectly, but I'm so grateful that my dh loves me absolutely anyway and when a day has been absolute chaos and the house is a wreck, and I'm a wreck, will come home and say "Let's work on it together." He does so much more for me than just provide income, and expect me to do the rest.

That's not quite it, but the closest I can come. It was very thought-provoking though. Thanks.

Sea Star said...

I loved the post. I need to go back and reread it. I had a few interruptions :) She sounds like a great example to try to emulate. It sounds like a good RS lesson or Enrichment discussion.

I did have one issue... How can anyones house always be ready for company? This is just not possible! Especially with small children. But the rest rings true.

Thanks for sharing it.