Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Did your parents ever try using Popeye to get you to eat your spinach? Mine did. Now I do the same thing. "Don't you want to be big and strong like Popeye? Please?" Sorry, but no kid is going to eat that slimy green stuff just so he can be a one eyed mumbling sailor who plans to marry a bean pole named Olive Oil. My only hope is that someday my kids will figure out what I learned in my early adult years: that, when prepared right, spinach is actually very tasty. I'm still very very picky when it comes to eating straight, cooked, spinach. It must be fresh, just barely wilted, and properly seasoned for me to put my fork anywhere near it. But if you are using spinach to enhance something else I am all for it. So, for anyone who wants to know, these are the many ways I love to eat spinach:
1. In salads of course. With hot bacon dressing is the yummiest.
2. Shredded and put in the bottom of my bowl before I ladle in some hot soup.
3. On a pizza with bacon, tomato, mushroom, and onion.
4. Layered in my lasagna.
5. Thrown into any pasta dish when it is at its hottest.
6. Saute onions and mushrooms, add an egg and a handful of spinach and cook just till spinach wilts and egg sets up. One of my favorite breakfasts.
7. Saute onions and garlic. Throw in a couple handfuls of spinach and cook till just wilted. Serve your steaks on top of this. It looks fancy, tastes great, and is a good way to get men to eat it.
8. I always buy a big thing of baby spinach from Sam's Club and put half of it in a big Ziploc and throw in the freezer. This way I always have some on hand and I can just grab what I want instead of having to thaw a huge brick of frozen spinach anytime I want to sprinkle some in my soup.

1. In Palak. This is a spicy, creamy, spinach Indian dish that a good friend of mine taught me to make. So good!
2. In hot, bubbling, spinach artichoke dip. Oh, yeah! I'm making me some of this good stuff tomorrow.
3. If I don't have any fresh frozen leaves I will unwrap a brick of frozen spinach and put it in a Ziploc. Then, if i only need a little, I will just cut a corner off at a time.

1. I have one can of spinach in my food storage. Who knows, maybe if the world really does come to an end and I am absolutely starving and there is nothing left but my can of spinach, I just might eat it. But I'm not making any promises.

How do you eat spinach?


Cellista said...

I put chopped spinach in spaghetti sauce once and thought I was being so good to get more green into our diet. Everybody ate it, everybody loved it, and my 4yo woke up covered in hives the next morning. Our one and only food allergy :(
I still like it though.

Family Adventure said...

I mainly eat it in salads. I'm like you - it needs to be fresh. I can't deal with the mushy, cooked stuff, except in palak. Love it then, but I think that's due to all the...cream!

Would love to hear about the artichoke dip. That's my kinda food :)


Anonymous said...

I love spinach in tortellini soup, with tomatoes and garlic, YUM!

Also it is great in an alfredo lasagna!

Kellan said...

Yes - I like it in salads and my kids will eat it that way as well. I'm not crazy about the mushy stuff. I'm Kellan - nice to meet you.

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

Oh I adore spinach too...especially Palak from our time in the UK. I also love true creamed spinach with parmesan and onions next to a great steak.

Cocoa said...

I love spinach strawberry salad and broccoli spinach calzones. I also like to fill my bowl with fresh spinach before I put hot soup in it, any kind of soup.

An Ordinary Mom said...

I saw an article in some magazine not too long ago about Popeye and I instantly thought of you :) !!

Sea Star said...

I don't think I have ever had spinach from a can. And I don't have any frozen either. I do often buy the bag of fresh spinach and use it in salads or in sauces. Soups are another great place to throw in some fresh spinach. Usually my kids don't even notice it.

mom huebert said...

I fix spinach most of those ways, and we like it. I never thought of putting some in the bottom of a bowl of soup- good idea.

I like frittatas made with spinach, but that sounds very similar to your number 6.

When I was growing up my mom always served canned spinach, and I actually still like spinach. But I've never subjected my kids to the canned kind!

Jen said...

You could throw that can o spinach into a lasagna or something I suppose.

We mostly do baby spinach in salads, and occasionally spinach with pasta.