Friday, December 7, 2007

A Christmas Play

Here is the play that I wrote for our co-op to perform this year. I had to write one myself because I couldn't find one that I liked and that fit the number and type of children we have in our group. I like the way this play is set up because the lines of the Elves can be changed, mixed, cut, and combined without it affecting the main story, so it is adaptable to different sized groups. And the lines for Santa, when he is handing out the ornaments, can be written on a paper inside the box, making it easier for him to remember so many lines. Sadly, I procrastinated getting it written so basically the kids only have two weeks to learn it, practice it, and perform it. Wish us luck =). Oh, and it has been 13 years since I took drama calsses so my stage writing is probably all wrong.
The Greatest Gift Of All
Elf #1
Elf #2
Elf #3
Elf #4
Elf #5
Elf #6
Elf #7
Elf #8
Stage set up: Left Stage: Everyone but Santa, Grumpy, and Jangle are on stage. Elves are sitting at tables working on toys. Jingle is walking around with a clip board checking the elves’ work and taking notes. Center Stage: A large, empty chair sits waiting to be filled by Santa. Right Stage: An empty Christmas tree.

Enter Jangle and Grumpy

Everyone: Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas.
Jangle: Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. (Turning to Grumpy) Why don’t you ever say Merry Christmas?
Grumpy: “Why should I? It’s just another day like any other.”
Elf #1: Hurry, hurry, it’s almost time!
Elf #2: Almost time?
Elf #1: Yes. Almost time.
Grumpy: Aw, what’s the rush? Santa doesn’t leave ‘till midnight.
Elf #3: Doesn’t he know?
Elf #4: Yes, doesn’t he know?
Elf #5: No, he’s new this year.
Everyone: Ooooohhh.
Jangle: (turning to Grumpy) Every year before Santa leaves, he helps us open the Greatest Gift Of All.
Grumpy: So, what’s the big deal? We make presents all year long. What makes one more gift so special?
Jangle: You’ll see.
Elf #8: (Standing, shouts) Everyone, everyone, here comes Santa!
Everyone: YAY! (everyone cheers and claps)
Santa: (enters and goes to sit in his chair) Alright, alright. I know you are all excited. Jingle, will you please bring me The Greatest Gift Of All?
Jingle: (Saluting) Right away, Santa! (Goes to get the big present from under the tree) Here you go, Santa.
Santa: Thank you. Gather round everyone.
(Everyone sits to stage left of Santa and faces him)
Elf #3: (turning to one of the elves next to him) Oh boy, I can’t wait!
Elf #5: This is my favorite part of Christmas
Snowflake: SHHHHH, it’s time to listen
Santa: A long time ago, before there was Christmas, and before there was me, there was a baby.
Grumpy: The greatest gift of all is a doll? We make dolls everyday. Some that sleep, some that cry, some that even wet their pants. What’s so great about…
Snowflake: (Standing and turning to grumpy) SHHHH
Elf #5: He’s not a doll!
Snowflake: Shhhhh
Elf #1: He was the most amazing baby ever.
Snowflake: Shhh, let Santa tell about him.
Santa: Thank you, Snowflake. As I was saying, there was a baby, the most amazing baby ever born on earth. And it was this baby who gave us the Greatest Gift Of All.
Elf #6: It isn’t toys.
Elf #7: And it isn’t gold.
Santa: It isn’t anything that could be made, bought, or sold. Jingle, do you remember what the Gift is?
Jingle: (Standing and facing the audience) The Greatest Gift Of All is His life.
Santa: Yes, and his was the Greatest Life Of All. (taking a star out of the box) He chose to come to earth knowing that his life would be very hard.
Jingle: (Takes the star and hangs it on the top of the tree)
Santa: (Taking a crown ornament out of the box) Though he had the blood of kings running through his veins he was poor and wandered the earth teaching.
Elves #1 and 2: (Take crowns and hang on tree)
Santa: (Taking Candy Canes out of the box) He cares for all of us the way a shepherd cares for even the littlest of his flock.
Elves #3 and 4: (hang Candy Canes on the Tree)
Santa: (Taking fish ornament out of his box) He not only fed the multitudes food but he fed us the eternal words of our Heavenly Father.
Elf #5 and Snowflake: (Take fish and hang on tree)
Santa: (Taking red crosses from the box) He healed many people from their pains and afflictions and He gives this same power to his disciples that they may heal in his name.
Elf #6 and 7: Take red crosses and hang on tree.
Santa: (Taking the red tinsel from the box) He bled for our sins in the Garden of Gethsemane, that we might be able to repent.
Elf #8 and Jangle: (Take tinsel and hang on tree)
Santa: (Taking the cross and tomb ornament from the box) And then he allowed men to take his life so that he could be resurrected, thus allowing us to be resurrected after death too.
Grumpy: (Taking the cross and reverently hanging it on the tree. Turning to sit, wiping a small tear away)
Jangle: (To Grumpy when he is about to sit down) What so you think about the Greatest Gift Of All, now?
Grumpy: I’ve never…it’s… Oh, wow! I can’t believe that he would do all of that for me. What was his name? He should have a special day every year dedicated just to him. (Turning to Santa) Oh, what was he called?
Santa: His name is Jesus Christ, and Christmas is his day.
Everyone: (Standing and turning to audience with a big smile) MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Cellista said...

That is beautiful!

Amber said...

Wow, what a great idea and you did a great job! I have never thought to write a little play but now I'm thinking....

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I love it! You have a gift...