Sunday, February 3, 2008

Poems By Cookie

That Kid is still wreaking havoc with my mental abilities so today I have a guest writer. I would like to intoduce you to my lovely daughter, Cookie. Cookie loves to read and is a very talented writer. She has even been promised her own blog just as soon as she finishes one of her very many stories. Suffering from a life long bought of story-ending-writer's-block she is taking a momentary reprieve and has been focusing on poetry as a way to relieve the stress =).

Here are my favorite poems written by the wonderfully talented, 9 year old, Cookie. *Clap, clap, clap*

A Poem
A poem is something that comes from the heart.
Sometimes a poem will be mostly art.
Sometimes poems are long, while others are not.
But we can write poems with whatever we've got.
In a scribble, a scrawly, a column, or chart,
A poem is something that comes from the heart.
The Hyena
The hyena is smiley,
Not to mention wiley.
He ate my sister, Kylie,
And my best friend, Riley,
And he spit the bones out skyly.
So, don't talk to the hyena, even though he's smiley.
What's Under My Bed
Piece of string
chess piece
broken ring
gummy bear
and my sister,


Lybbert's said...

*clap-clap-clap!* WONDERFUL poems! They made me smile, so THANK YOU COOKIE! :)

An Ordinary Mom said...

Wonderful work, Cookie!

Cocoa said...

And what was your sister Claire doing under the bed? With a spider?

Great job Cookie!

Happy face said...

So good! That's amazing for even-older-than-9. I'm stealing the list idea to use with my kids (who aren't much on writing.)

Scribbit said...

The high point for me was "skyly" :) Don't think I've ever heard that before but it fits.

Duchess said...

Great Job Cookie!

Family Adventure said...

Talented indeed. Good job!

Heidi :)

Amber said...

Tooooooooo cute. :-) The last one in particular cracked me up!

Sonja said...

Fabulous poems!! I too, am smiling like the hyena, but I will never smile AT a hyena because I don't want my bones to fly skyly. Gosh, you are creative and it's no wonder. Keep it up, I'd love to read more!!

Kim said...

Those are great. I loved the under the bed one best.

Kim @ TheBitterBall

Anonymous said...

Way to go, cookie! I liked the first one the best, but Emma likes the last one best! :)

Childlife said...

Beautiful work, Cookie - you're like a young Ogden Nash : ) (And that 's quite a compliment, mind you... he's ever so clever!)

Anonymous said...

These are really good! I really like the under the bed one.