Friday, April 4, 2008

Modest Nursing

As newly weds, we were driving along the freeway, heading home from visiting family. I am driving as my husband and I chat. Suddenly my husband sits up very straight, with big eyes, and starts rambling about, he wasn't really looking, he didn't mean to, it was just THERE, and he is sorry, please don't be mad at him... and it finally comes out that he was leisurely looking at other drivers as they passed us and suddenly he got an eyefull of frontal nudity as the woman in the car next to us bared herself to nurse her baby. Ha ha ha. Poor guy. That Lady could have used one of these.

Ah, nursing, that sweet magical bond between a mother and her child. Isn't it wonderful? And isn't it great that we live in a modern age where women can feed their children in public, doing what comes naturally without shame? Unless of course your children are like mine:

Cookie: Nursed so loud it was like listening to someone trying to slurp up the last remnants of their milk shake through a straw. "Shhhhllllluurrrpp". And then she would pant and gulp after every slurp as if drowning and gasping for air (which really she was with all the milk that I was producing).

Pablo: Loved to pull the nursing blanket down to smile at me. So sweet, but not when you are in the middle of church or talking with your father in law!

Monster Man: Loved nursing but he would constantly pull away and sing to my breast. It was so adorable, but didn't make for very covert nursing.

Sweet Terror. She was a pincher, twister, puller. She loved to reach up and pull my hair or pinch my neck while nursing. Yeah, she was mean.

And then of course there is the lovely retuck that has to happen after nursing. I got very good at the replace-nursing-pad-rehook-bra-button-up-blouse-and-adjust-waistline-of-skirt-all-with-one-hand while holding on to my nursing blanket with my teeth and holding baby with the other hand while simultaneously wiping milk drool off his cheeks.

Can you imagine my joy, then, in getting a call from my newest sister-in-law telling me that my mom is hiring her to make me a nursing hideaway blanket? They are basically big bibs that go around your neck and keep the baby from uncovering you while nursing. I started seeing these all over the place while I was nursing Sweet Terror but I was too cheap to buy one and too lazy to make one. I am so excited! This will make nursing around others so much easier.

And, as a plug for my sis-in-law, she has just started making these for sale. She is open to doing custom jobs (depending on what you want) and she sews very well. These make great baby shower gifts and they even come in their own matching bag. A must have diaper accessory in my opinion. Now, I just need to convince her to put a pic of my darling new nephew on her site. He is a hunkalicious baby!!!


An Ordinary Mom said...

I actually got one of these for this time around. I am interested to see how well they work :) !!

I can't believe how much new baby gear that has been created over the last 3 years since we had Sweet Terror and Cory. This celebrity baby boom has made the baby marketers go crazy!

Packer Family said...

A friend made one for me and I never leave the house without it! They are really wonderful!

LAHansen said...

I so wish I could have used a nursing blanket...I think it's my fault...I'm just not coordinated enough or something. I always had to find a secluded spot at church or at my in-laws' etc. For the rest of the time when I was out...sorry folks, I used a bottle (I know...I ruined my kids' lives). To add to my non-coordination, both my kids pulled at any blanket I tried to put over their heads...Maybe with my next one (if that ever happens)...I'll be able to get one made by your SIL and have it work!

Childlife said...

I love those things ~ so much easier!

(And I'm still cracking up about Monster Man - LOL!)

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I had to laugh about your bottle comment. I used bottles all the time (especially in public). Sometimes they had breast milk in them, sometimes formula, sometimes just water. I think it is so funny that there are really people out there who think that bottles are some evil thing that will stunt a child's development.

Sonja said...

My new favortie word is: hunkalicious.

Holy cow! You earned your mothering badge in just the nursing alone.

I could have really used this when I was nursing. I'll have to keep it in mind. PLUS, my sister is expecting...would make a great gift. That's a great price. Thanks for sharing.

Misty said...

I had to laugh, too, at the bottle statement, because I have exclusively bottle fed all three of my babies, and *gasp*...... ALL three of my babes turned out just fine....

Amber M. said...

What a cool little contracption! Congrats to your SIL.

I breastfed my first two and then lost my milk after 6 weeks of nursing my caboose. They all did fine...I've just bonded with my third differently. And BTW, he is my biggest mommy's baby. Weird!

Maria said...

Oh, just reading this makes me sad I don't have any babies to nurse anymore. That bib would also come in handy for the times your milk comes in and your not nursing!

Richelle said...

My son didn't like to have a blanket over his head either.

My friend that recently had a baby has something like that. They look really nifty.

Jeanette said...

I have seen so many of these and need to get one!! I could never nurse my son in public. Mostly because I had no idea what I was doing and could never get him latched on without exposing myself to the whole world. And he would not take a bottle if his life depended on it and several times I threatened him that is life was going to be dependent on it because I did not want to have to hide somewhere every time I fed him
Things have gone much smoother with my daughter. I have figured out how to get her eating and keep myself covered. But she is 9 months now and always pulls the blanket off etc. She also pinches! My face, my arm, my chest, anything she can reach and it drives me bonkers!
So yeah! I need one of these! I can finish off nursing my daughter with it and then use it for any future kids.